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Released January 2016, the Modern Wycliffe New Testament is faithful to the Textus Receptus, yet easy to understand.  And because Wycliffe translated the Bible during the Middle Ages, this translation uses the Middle Age context, complete with Kings, Queens, Bishops, Knights, Castles and Princes.

By ordering the Modern Wycliffe New Testament, you will…

  • The Modern Translation of the Wycliffe Bible

    This translation has everything on the chess set, except pawns!

    better understand what God is saying from a translation that is faithful to the earliest complete manuscripts, yet easy to understand,

  • enjoy reading a fun translation, and
  • know that the profits from your purchase help us bring God’s Word to Bibleless language groups around the world.

Would you like to order a Modern Wycliffe New Testament? Cost is just $16, plus $4 shipping in the US, while they last.
If you live nearby, I can drop one off to you, and you can skip the shipping… but we’re glad to ship them anywhere you are.

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You can also receive a Modern Wycliffe New Testament for a gift of $25 or more to Desert Springs Ministries.  Please remember to mention the “Wycliffe New Testament” (or “Wycliffe NT”) in the comments section.  Click here to donate to Desert Springs Ministries.

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Although the purchase of these New Testaments is no longer tax-deductible, the profits will allow me to sign up for a Christian personal growth program I’d like to be a part of.