Help when I needed it most

This post was written while we were in Chad.

Yesterday I withdrew some money from the ATM at Novotel, to help fill up at Tchad Hydrocarbures with diesel. Two full tanks of diesel cost $100, or $4/gallon; there’s something I won’t do every day! After the attendant filled the tank up, I had them wash the car. For $6.00 they hand wash it; my people own the station. The new Land Cruiser became stuck in the mud twice in two days; do you think God might be trying to tell me something? I think I’m finally getting the message!

The vehicle became stuck in the mud on one side, so someone needed tHelp from a gas stationo tow it out. I sat there, feeling like a fool. Then God sent help; someone named Ahmed brought the truck by with a steel rope, and towed me out! He stopped me before I paid him and said, “I am Ahmed; I saw that you became stuck the other day, so I came to help you out!” That was the reason he gave me for not having to pay him for it! It was at that moment that I moved from feeling foolish to feeling special that God sent a friend to help in the nick of time!

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3 Reasons Why I Bought a Camel

and why you should, too...

While in Chad, I often got lost in the Sahara desert.  The GPS I used there would only point me in the right direction to my destination, as the roads I was following weren’t on any map.

I'm so thankful for "99", my camel! Here is a picture of him.This led me, more than once, to cross dry river beds and thorn-bush forests with “Twila”, our Speed the Light vehicle.

I often got all disoriented from following a cow trail, with very few options but to turn around and start back where I left the main road.

And each time I did, I prayed that God would provide the money for me to buy a camel…

Here are three of the best reasons I can think of, why everyone should own one of these “ships of the desert”.

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Our “Speed The Light” Vehicle Testimony!

How God provided a vehicle for us

This miracle really started with our awesome youth in New Hampshire, Maine and Vermont. They washed cars, held bake sales, saved some of the money they earned at their jobs, and many, many other things to raise funds for Speed The Light. I was so excited about the opportunity to thank the youth for all their efforts at last year’s District Youth Convention. “This vehicle is the ambulance when someone in the village is sick. It is the vehicle that transports teams to remote places to share the Good News in a world full of despair. It will help us transport what we need to build dispensaries, schools, even churches in some cases! The gift you gave will continue to bless and help others for years and years to come.”

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