Our return trip to Abeche

This post was written while we were in Chad.

Today was our trip to Abeche, from Mongo! This trip was the result of five months of planning and prayer. We were so glad to make it here at last!

Sharon is still recovering from her illness, and from a busy, big day of preparation yesterday. I started yesterday off by refilling our water supply from the well in the courtyard. This involved throwing a bucket with a roped tied to it down the well. It was difficult for me to get the bucket to tip into the water so it could fill up. I didn’t realize how heavy a bucket full of water is when you are pulling it back up! After many successful attempts, I obtained about 65 gallons of water, and it took me until 11 AM due to my lack of experience. So, that’s why our friends, the Avileses, are so careful with water!

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How to “Overnight” successfully in Cairo with EgyptAir

Don't do what I did

When you fly through Cairo and your flight leaves the day after you arrive, EgyptAir generously puts you in a hotel.  Some forums suggest that those staying 24 hours or more may tour the pyramids, but I cannot confirm this.

Helping your luggage to arrive at its destination

overnight in Cairo with EgyptairWhen I checked in my suitcase at the beginning of my flight, the woman at the check-in counter suggested that I should check my bag in all the way to Cairo and pick it up there.  With what happened later, I believe that it would have been less risky for me to check it in all the way to my destination and have it ready to go on board the plane the next day.  I could have had a lock on my luggage, and I believe that the baggage team in the Cairo airport is honest enough to leave my bag alone until it got on the flight the next day.  You may trust them less, and if you do, be sure to keep your baggage claim ticket in a place where you can find it quickly.

the EgyptAir baggage claim areaWhen you get off your airplane and into the hallway, follow the baggage claim signs.  As you do, you will pass a desk with the sign “Transit” on it.

If you have luggage to pick up, walk past this sign and take the escalator downstairs to claim your luggage.  But don’t follow the crowd out into the arrival area via the customs check.  Instead, take the elevator and go back upstairs to the transit desk.  Otherwise, your luggage may be left behind in Egypt, and take 2-10 days to catch up with you at your destination.

What to do if your baggage is missing in Cairo

If your luggage is missing, quickly bring your baggage claim ticket to the baggage claim office marked Star Alliance.  The sooner you can get there before the other customers, the quicker you will be served.  If you are behind a large crowd in the Cairo Airport, go to the middle of it and push forward.  If you stand on the side to push forward, you are more likely to be the last person assisted.

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A Wild, Exhausting Journey through the Sand

On Saturday, as we traveled back from Iriba, we took a wrong turn, and found ourselves headed to Adré. Mind you, the road wasn’t so bad; however, it was disconcerting to drive 30 miles on a road that led 90 miles away from our destination. We arrived in Adré at 8 PM, and in Abéché at 11:45 PM. When we arrived in Adré, I decided to keep going; we didn’t know where to find a guest house, or if they would even have a place for us.

Without road signs to guide us on the road, we used the GPS that we’ve had for about a decade now, thanks to our friends at Lebanon Assembly of God! Because we knew where we were going, we stayed the course rather than bolt on a country road in panic.

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Terrorist Attacks and Travel: It’s Time to Buy that Plane Ticket!

All it takes to be safe is to be aware of your surroundings

Have you been putting off your dream trip to your favorite international destination?  You always wanted to travel, but, with the threat of terrorist attacks, you wonder what your family will think of you if you go.

While others tremble at getting on a plane or looking foolhardy, it’s time for us to have some amazing experiences and make new friends as we travel around the world!

Others around you seem to live by the following verses:

The slothful man says, “There is a lion outside, I shall be slain in the streets!” (Proverbs 22:13)

The wicked flee when no one pursues, but the righteous are bold as a lion. (Proverbs 28:1)

But as for you, because of the boldness Christ is putting inside you, you can fearlessly go where others won’t.  The threat of terrorist attacks won’t keep you from pursuing your dreams.  Now is the time for us to travel again.  While everyone else is still waiting to see what will happen next, you and I can take advantage of great prices for travel and lodging overseas.

Afraid of a terrorist attack, unafraid of muggers

Like Megan, I feel baffled by the New Yorker who is afraid to travel to Paris because of terrorist attacks.  And yet, to avoid being mugged, robbed or attacked, New Yorkers take common-sense measures to stay safe.

In the same way, by following a few steps when you travel, your risk of being caught up in a terrorist attack overseas can be so reduced that you are far more likely to be struck by lightning than to face an act of terrorism.

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Happy New Year from Senegal!

This post was written while were in Chad.

With all the craziness of coming to Senegal, we didn’t keep track of how close we were to 2011. It has been a year full of trouble for us and many others: those in Haiti, Ivory Coast, Pakistan, the US, Europe. But it has also been a time of exciting opportunities to serve and bless others. And now we stand at the very start of a New Year.

The internet here at the hotel is fast, but doesn’t work at night. Since Senegal is along the coast, they have been able to connect to the internet cable in the ocean. This means we have been able to do some things online that we couldn’t do otherwise; for instance, updating our AVG antivirus, and downloading the Windows updates.

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