How Much Solar Energy Do You REALLY Need?

This post was written while we were in Chad.

How much of a solar energy system do you need to satisfy the needs of your village home?

The answer depends on a lot of variables, the biggest of which are where you live and what you want to do with it. Some of us live near the equator and want to just run a few lights, while others of us live outside the tropics, yet still want to run a hot tub while they microwave a bag of popcorn as they watch satellite on a large screen TV, while they wait for their clothes to dry.

To run a few lights, all you need is one 70 Ah battery and a 50 to 120 Watt solar panel. I read about someone who was in the latter group, and three arrays with 25 120 Watt solar panels each could not satisfy their need.

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3 Reasons Why I Bought a Camel

and why you should, too...

While in Chad, I often got lost in the Sahara desert.  The GPS I used there would only point me in the right direction to my destination, as the roads I was following weren’t on any map.

I'm so thankful for "99", my camel! Here is a picture of him.This led me, more than once, to cross dry river beds and thorn-bush forests with “Twila”, our Speed the Light vehicle.

I often got all disoriented from following a cow trail, with very few options but to turn around and start back where I left the main road.

And each time I did, I prayed that God would provide the money for me to buy a camel…

Here are three of the best reasons I can think of, why everyone should own one of these “ships of the desert”.

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What was lost has now been found

Despite the 36 hour trip to Iriba and back, I woke up at the normal time I do each morning; I guess the challenge of getting out of this house before the rainy season hits weighs heavily upon me. I felt overwhelmed until I made of list of what needs to happen before I can leave. There is lots of shopping for necessities both large and small; we need a stove, and a way to make our solar electric system pump 220 volt AC into the house. The place is SO dusty; it needs some sweeping and mopping, so we need to buy cleaning tools as well.

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