A missed flight, friends gained, time lost

prayer time en route

This post was written while we were still in Chad, Africa.

I missed my flight back to Abéché! I lost track of time, and no one gave me a ride to catch the flight. Oh well, everyone has to miss at least one flight if they are going to live here. I’ll definitely be ready for next time. So I had to ride in a pickup truck and paid a little extra to get a front seat. I ended up sitting in the market for five hours, which was great for friendship building; but it held up my schedule. I had used up the money I had brought with me, and one of my new friends bought me a soda. Never tasted one better!

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A Wild, Exhausting Journey through the Sand

I will look up to the hills

On Saturday, as we traveled back from Iriba, we took a wrong turn, and found ourselves headed to Adré. Mind you, the road wasn’t so bad; however, it was disconcerting to drive 30 miles on a road that led 90 miles away from our destination. We arrived in Adré at 8 PM, and in Abéché at 11:45 PM. When we arrived in Adré, I decided to keep going; we didn’t know where to find a guest house, or if they would even have a place for us.

Without road signs to guide us on the road, we used the GPS that we’ve had for about a decade now, thanks to our friends at Lebanon Assembly of God! Because we knew where we were going, we stayed the course rather than bolt on a country road in panic.

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Christmas with the girls, and a false start

Christmas-travels2 with the girls

This post was written while we were in Chad.

Our Christmas this year was simple, but very nice. We opened our stockings after breakfast, consisting of the cereals sent by Glad Tidings Church. Then we read from Luke and Matthew about the birth of Christ, interspersed with hymns that Sharon had downloaded. Then we opened the presents around the tree; this year’s big gift to the girls was an mp3 player, and speakers. Deborah even got one, in the form of a GREEN apple (green is her favorite color). The girls also got matching dresses, and typical Sudanese jewelry or headbands.

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How to find the best gas prices in the USA

Save money on your next American Roadtrip

The older the gas station, the higher the price (source: Wikimedia)

We are back in the US, and lately, our whole family is driving halfway across the United States to attend a conference. As we watch the miles pass by, we wake up each morning in the hotel or motel we paid for with help from a coupon we found in a magazine at a welcome center. Once we were all awake, we ate breakfast, and watched the Weather Channel or Fox News in the lobby. We packed the car and headed to our next destination.

We have been especially grateful for our relatives and friends who have broken up this monotony by graciously welcoming us into their home. You have been SUCH a blessing to us, and we do not take your gift of hospitality for granted.

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N’Djaména to Moundou in a day

Bus travel in Moundou

This post was written while we were in Chad.

For the first time in his life, Randy got to ride a moto taxi! We took two of them to the Commissariat de Police to register him.Moundou moto taxi They were what was available nearby, and so it saved us a lot of money. While Randy filled out the paperwork, my friend there hassled me about changing my number without notifying him. We went back to the guest house to get ready for our departure by bus for Moundou. There, we had a bit of difficulty finding a taxi that was passing by where we were standing, so we had to drag our baggage to the corner.

From the time we arrived at the station to the time we were on the road was less than one hour! It was the hottest part of the day, meaning it was hotter to keep the window open. It was like sitting in front of the largest electric heater fan you can imagine!

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