One-man Christmas rush, Abéché-style!

This post was written while we were in Chad.

We didn’t have running water in the house on Tuesday and Wednesday, but were glad that the water was running from the hose outside. This allowed us to fill the barrel outside, and transport the water into the barrel in the house. Because of the water problems we are facing, I tooksink cleaned by man the catch-all off of the bathroom sink and stuffed the sewer line with toilet paper. Then I put a bucket under the sink to catch the water that goes in there. This saves us a little extra water to flush the toilet during the day.

At first, I was busy waiting at an office and preparing some paperwork. As a result, I met the man I needed to meet, two minutes before the office closed! Often, you make these sacrifices without knowing if your efforts will be worth it or not; we are always thankful when the work we put into something is useful for the task before us!

However, all that time preparing for that moment, and the time waiting at the office, was time I could have used to do some last-minute Christmas shopping. So this afternoon, I did my very best to make one final push to find Christmas presents for the girls that would be there from early morning in Christmas eve.

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The next revolution in the Great Commission of Christ

From anywhere, to anywhere, without having to raise support

The way we have traditionally fulfilled the Final Commission of Christ is broken. And we need to be fix it. We lose too many of those who are called to make an eternal difference in the world, due to an unbiblical barrier of raising support and depending on a missions agency to do what is meant to be done by the church.

And those who serve because they were good at raising support, aren’t always the best laborers in the harvest field. Some of them tend to waste money and to not blend in well to their host culture.

We need to take advantage of the new economy to send out our brightest and best in new ways.

In the past, our best laborers have been the Bruchkos, the Gladys Aylwards, the Hudson Taylors.  These laborers refused to blend in, and asked the difficult questions.

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How to be as bold as a lion: Proverbs 28 verse 1

The wicked flee though no one is pursuing, but the righteous are as bold as a lion. – Proverbs 28:1 (LITV)

Lions don’t run from anything.  They just stand there, and face whatever danger comes their way.  They don’t often face a deadly threat, but when they do, they are bold, and go down fighting!
If we are in the right, there is no need to anxiously run away.

Excuses to be anxious

scared child at nighttime (source:’ve lived for 14 of the past 24 years in Chad, Africa, and have learned to live with uncertainty.
So even when I have no reason to be anxious, I often make up my own.  Health anxieties, money anxieties, security anxieties… anxiety about the future of America, about natural disasters, about the end of the world…
Last Friday, the brakes on my 1989 Toyota Corolla started making scary noises.  I didn’t get to call the mechanic to schedule an appointment before the day ended.  So I had the whole weekend to worry about the rust spots, about the oil leak, about the tire depth… about all the things that, when taken together, would mean that I have to junk my car and start looking for a new one.
On Monday morning, I was surprised that, when I called, my mechanic could take me right away. We dropped off the car, and I waited for my mechanic [at Quality Tire, in Brewer, Maine] to tell me what he saw.

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Five barriers which prevent access to the Bible worldwide

and how to overcome them

Barriers (Photo: Reuters/Marko Djurica)

As believers in Christ, we want to be sure that everyone has access to the Bible in their own language.  In our modern, tech-savvy world, it is difficult to believe that there are still barriers preventing millions of people from having access to the Word of God.

With websites like Faith Comes by Hearing and YouVersion, most Christians may conclude that the Bible translation and distribution task is complete.

Although these websites meet the need for many, there are millions who, for different reasons, cannot access these resources.

The reality is that millions all over the world have no way of receiving a copy of the Bible.  They live in a place where the Gospel has difficulty getting past the spiritual boundaries.

Desert Springs Ministries is here to provide you with the tools necessary to help you bring God’s Word to those who don’t yet have access to it.

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