Packing in the desert during hot season

This post was written while we were still in Chad, Africa.

I’m “back from being underground”; not in covert operations, but rather, I became swamped with packing! And all this in the middle of Mother’s Day weekend, which I knew better than to ignore and pretend like it wasn’t happening. We had coconut pancakes for breakfast, and were thankful to enjoy fellowship with our friends over lunch… with their huge solar system, complete with COLD WATER from their freezer that runs 24/7!! Then I went out and bought pizzas from Rose du Sable.

Our house has been part home, part storage unit for some time now. So the first step was easy: get all the stuff that is storage out into the courtyard. However, DO NOT put any boxes or wood on the ground, or the termites will get it! I mistakenly put a box on the ground to get something out of a suitcase; by the next morning, the termites had made a nest in the box of Tupperware. I was thankful it wasn’t a box of books, or I would have been in HUGE trouble.

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Fun memories to treasure

My time in Moundou is a blur of sickness, including tummy problems I’d rather not explain to you in detail. It is so humid there! We found a cooler and some ice, so we could keep the dairy products, sodas and water cool. Because the station did not have consistent electricity, this was a welcome blessing.

It rained a bit over at the Bible school, which hopefully means that rainy season will soon cool things down. That day, we visited the Bible school students, the staff and their families. They loved picking themselves out on the picture that Randy took of them, and would gather around his camera to find out where they were standing.

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Happy New Year from Senegal!

This post was written while were in Chad.

With all the craziness of coming to Senegal, we didn’t keep track of how close we were to 2011. It has been a year full of trouble for us and many others: those in Haiti, Ivory Coast, Pakistan, the US, Europe. But it has also been a time of exciting opportunities to serve and bless others. And now we stand at the very start of a New Year.

The internet here at the hotel is fast, but doesn’t work at night. Since Senegal is along the coast, they have been able to connect to the internet cable in the ocean. This means we have been able to do some things online that we couldn’t do otherwise; for instance, updating our AVG antivirus, and downloading the Windows updates.

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Delivering packages and a post office miracle

This post was written while we were in Chad.

Last night, I got the call that a flight was coming to Iriba! So I finished packing and set the alarm for early morning. I was out the door at 7 AM this Saturday morning, before anyone in the house was up. There was a lot of waiting, but finally the plane showed up. It was empty except for one pilot and a cargo of school supplies. Apparently they had stopped in Guéréda as well.

I was on the ground in Abéché by 9:30 AM, with 10,400 CFA in my pocket. The post office closes at 11 AM, so I hurried to drop off my luggage, and headed to the bank. But the ATM was down, so I went on to the post office by 10:20 AM. The nine packages cost 20,230 CFA to withdraw, but they were gracious enough to release them to me, provided I gave them the 10,000 I owed them on Monday.

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A VERY long trip to Iriba and back with Abdullah

This post was written while we were in Chad.

As I finished writing my last diary entry, I heard the sound of a truck backing up (beeep-beeep-beeep)! It was Abdullah, ready to load up these furniture with Abdullahbags, boxes, furniture and luggage into his truck. There was stacking, pulling, pushing and organizing. But in the end, they did it, and I was thankful.

We were on the road by 5 PM. As the sun set, we were in Matta, a very popular rest stop, almost exactly one hour from Abéché. As the men started their evening prayers, the women lit the fires under their cooking pots, preparing for the travelers who would be passing through all night.

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