The Partnership Plus Program

Providing MicroBibles Worldwide, and translating the Scriptures in the Sahara Desert

Distributing MicroBibles to refugees

By popular demand, we provide God’s Word to the refugees in Europe and villages in the Sahara Desert. We do this through MicroBibles and Bible translation.
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Project update (September 20, 2017): The LORD continues to bring Desert Springs Ministries closer to being fully funded!  Although one church dropped their support, another church doubled their giving!  We also received several other donations from friends in Maine towards the needs of Desert Springs.
We’re so thankful for your prayers and faithful support that makes this possible!  God is answering your prayers!
As a result, in just one week we now have the equivalent of 3 new supporters!  To be fully funded, we now need just 18 more supporters to support us for just $17/month, or $200/year!
Have you been thinking of supporting Desert Springs Ministries?  If so, please click on the “Donate Now” button above, or go to our “Donate” Page.

Project Update (September 13, 2017): We are so thankful to report that we have one new supporting church from Southern New Hampshire!  Their generous support of Desert Springs Ministries means that we now need only 21 more donors to support us at $17/month, or with a one-time gift of $200 to cover the year.

Project Update (August 25, 2017): Through the generosity of three special donors, $5,676 has been shaved off of the original $10,272 of this project!

Now, we are looking for just 23 more donors to support us at $17/month (or a one-time gift of $200) for this need to be fully met. Would you like to be one of them? If so, please click on the “Donate Now” button, above.

What are “MicroBibles”?

We produce MicroBibles to those without access to God's Word, in over 85 languages!Think of it as the essentials of the Christian faith on a 4 Gb SD card!

On each MicroBible, here is what you’ll find:

† An audio New Testament
† A video about Jesus’ life on earth
† Christian radio programs
† A readable copy of the Bible (usually in pdf format)
†Christian praise music


Since 2013, we have prepared MicroBibles in more than 85 languages.

Almost every home in Africa or refugee in Europe has a cellphone. When you place one of these MicroBibles into a phone, the owner and their family are able to listen to God’s Word when it is safe to do so, and without detection.

In places where there is no cellphone coverage, we bring SD Card players with us. This allows the entire village to gather each night to hear God’s Word!

Eternal Hope for Refugees and Desert Villages

Our MicroBibles are in high demand in countries where a Bible is difficult to obtain. In these communities with constant surveillance, MicroBibles discreetly provide all the essentials they need to find hope and salvation in Christ.

Through these SD Cards, our prayer warriors and donors are providing them the help and encouragement they need.

In addition, Desert Springs Ministries International (or DSMI) is focusing on the following projects:

¤ We prepare MicroBibles for the new languages which have requested them
¤ We are preparing to publish 20+ Bible booklets in a language of the Sahara Desert
¤ With the help of members of our Chadian home church, we are translating a Children’s Bible Storybook into French
¤ We are preparing to produce a Jesus Film

Help provide MicroBibles to those without access to God's WordThank you so much for your prayers and gifts, which make these projects possible!

At this time, Desert Springs is running under budget. Until this need is met, we are obliged to spend a lot of time each week on fundraising activities.

To meet our budget, we only need to raise just $383 more/month in new donations. This adds up to only $4,596 over twelve months, or $12.58 a day! When this happens, we will be free to devote the entire week to our language projects.

Click here to help provide MicroBibles for Refugees

Our Partnership With You

Our Partnership Plus members are more like friends and coworkers serving together with us. It takes all of us to bring MicroBibles to those who don’t have access to God’s Word.This partnership between Desert Springs Ministries and our partners is more than a financial exchange. Friends like you make it possible for us to get God’s Word before those with no access to it.

And so, our Partnership Plus members are more like friends and coworkers serving together with us. It takes all of us to bring MicroBibles to those who don’t have access to God’s Word.

When you join our team of Desert Springs Partners with a monthly gift of $17 or more (or an annual gift of $200 or more), this is what you will receive:

• Since Desert Springs is a 501(c)(3) charity recognized by the IRS, you will receive tax credit for your donation and valid receipts.
• You will also receive our regular prayer letter to let you know what your gifts are accomplishing,
• along with exclusive updates of what Desert Springs is getting done because of your partnership. We send these out via email or SMS, depending on what you prefer.
• We will also send you a copy of The Modern Wycliffe New Testament (click here to learn more).
• Most of all, you will know that your support frees us up to bring the Bible to those who don’t yet have access to it.

To take part in this project with us, just click on the button below:


Click here to help provide MicroBibles for Refugees


These MicroBibles will be a great blessing in establishing the churches here we are working with. The illiteracy rate is very high here, but if the believers here can listen to the word it will build their faith and help cure the problem false beliefs they mix in because of ignorance. Thank you so much.” – Chris & Elizabeth Trueworthy, WIM, Guerrero, Mexico


We are grateful to Desert Springs Ministries, which has provided and Neil and Kathy Vanariacontinues to provide daily updated resources to equip and serve the church. We cannot do our job without them and we ask the church to recognize and equip this ministry even as they equip us.” – Neil & Kathy Vanaria, AGWM, Sicily, Italy