Good News!

How to be sure you're headed to Heaven

Christians understand the struggle with sin that everyone else faces, for we are all human.  All of us have a tendency to do evil.

Jesus, the Lamb of GodChristians believe what the Bible says: Messiah Jesus, after being born of a virgin and living a sinless life, suffered the penalty a sinful man deserved.  He paid the price for your sins and mine, no matter where we are from or what label we wear.  Then He rose again to prove that He had won our victory over sin and the grave.

There is no sin so horrendously evil, that the sacrifice of the Messiah Jesus on the cross is unable to forgive.

This is the most amazing, encouraging message that has ever been told!  This is why we call it “The Good News”.

The Good News

And now, to get to Heaven, we must admit that we can’t get there on our own. We must turn from our sinful life, and trust that Jesus fully paid the penalty for our sin when He died on the cross at Calvary and rose again.

Christians struggle, too

It isn’t just Muslims who struggle with the distance between the way we should live before a Holy God, Good News: Christ is the Path to Heaven (source: wikimedia, Path to heaven: 

Field of Colza)and the way we actually live.  But when Christians sin, they know that they have a Messiah who forgives them whenever they repent. By His Holy Spirit, He helps us to live a more holy life according to the Word of God.

We fall down, and then we get up again, and again, and again…

The Good News is, God loves and cares for people, no matter where they come from. He is willing to welcome us into His family as brothers and sisters, no matter what religious or social label they wear.

If you have never received God’s gift of Heaven through the sacrifice of the Messiah Jesus, we urge you to receive it today.

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