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Sharing God's Love across cultural and linguistic borders - through MicroBibles

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What is a MicroBible?

A MicroBible is no smaller than your fingernail, yet it is full of the hope and encouragement of the Gospel.  It allows you to discreetly share the Word of God (the Bible) with your friends who want to know more about Jesus, but may be feeling pressure from their family and community to avoid deep spiritual discussions.

Think of it as the essentials of the Christian faith on a 4 Gb SD card!

On each MicroBible, here is what you’ll find:

† An audio New Testament
† A video about Jesus’ life on earth
† Christian radio programs
† A readable copy of the Bible (usually in pdf format)
†Christian praise music

We produce MicroBibles to those without access to God's Word, in over 85 languages!

Since 2013, we have prepared MicroBibles in more than 85 languages.

Almost every home in Africa or refugee in Europe has a cellphone. When you place one of these MicroBibles into a phone, the owner and their family are able to listen to God’s Word when it is safe to do so, and without detection.

In places where there is no cellphone coverage, we bring SD Card players with us. This allows the entire village to gather each night to hear God’s Word!

A Special Gift for your friends from overseas

We are offering these MicroBibles to Christians who have a friend from another country they really care about.  You will also find that they are useful if you are preparing to travel overseas, or already live overseas.

Wherever you travel around the world, you will find that even the poorest family will have a cellphone.  Even they can use one of these free MicroBibles to listen to the true hope found in God’s Word.

Again, you can click on the “order now” button below to order a FREE MicroBible for your friend from overseas.

Order a MicroBible for your friend from overseas by clicking here

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