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These Free MicroBibles were especially designated by the donors for those who need encouragement from the Word of God.

We usually don’t provide free MicroBibles in English, but will make exceptions when they are designated for a person who does not speak English as their mother tongue.

The MicroBible materials have been supplied to us free of charge.  All you need to pay is shipping and handling, which costs $4.15 for shipping in the United States, or $6.98 for delivery in Canada.

Comodo SSL certificates are the most secure method for receiving sensitive information online.While supplies last, fill out the secure form below to receive a FREE MicroBible for yourself, or for your friend from overseas.  If you have any questions, please contact us.

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If your friend does not have a slot for a MicroSD Card in their cellphone, you might also want to order a MicroBible player.  In particular, iPhones and newer Apple devices are notorious for not having a MicroSD card slot.

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