The Financial Policy of Desert Springs Ministries financialHere at Desert Springs Ministries, we take the trust you put in us very seriously. As a result, we have put measures in place to stay accountable to you in the way we use your gifts.  This is what God expects of us.

It’s not just what we accomplish in ministry that matters, but also the integrity with which we serve.

In light of this, we wanted to share with you the rules we have put in place to remain transparent in our service for Christ through this ministry.

If you have any questions or comments concerning this financial policy, please contact us.

The Financial Policy of Desert Springs Ministries

  1. DSMI takes financial integrity very seriously. We want to be sure that our financial supporters know that the gifts they send us are being used for the purposes for which they sent them, and that safeguards are in place to guarantee this.
  2. DSMI staff members or directors who receive money will not disburse money.
  3. DSMI staff members or directors who prepare checks for payment do not sign the checks.
  4. DSMI staff members  or directors who sign the checks do not reconcile bank statements.
  5. All disbursements are reviewed monthly by the Board of Directors, and annually by the Board of Advisors.
  6. We have a Board of Directors conflict of interest policy, which requires full disclosure of any connections to DSMI, including family and business connections. This policy excludes Board Members from discussing or voting on any financial transaction that favors a family member or a business associate. The policy was adopted by the Board of Directors on January 29th, 2016.
  7. The Board of Directors reviews regular financial statements and reports of the financial position of DSMI.
  8. An annual certified audit by an outside independent public accounting firm would cost about five thousand dollars.  Because this is so high in proportion to what comes in annually to the ministry, we are not financial writingcting such an audit at this time.  We may do so if 1) a donor wishes to contribute the cost of such an audit or if 2) the cost of an audit becomes financially feasible in proportion to the annual income.
  9. As the ministry grows, DSMI shall employ a highly qualified accountant.
  10. Once DSMI has an increase in annual contributions that makes it more economically feasible to do so, the Board of Directors will seriously pursue joining the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability.

This Financial Policy is modeled after The Integrity and Accountability Policy of Christian Healthcare Ministries.

Again, if you have any questions regarding our Financial Policy, don’t hesitate to ask!