The Family-Sized MicroSD Player

Family-Sized MicroSD Card Player

This SD Card Player is perfect for your family room in the evenings, or your dorm room when you are studying.

You can easily “dial up” your favorite song or podcast.

This Micro SD Player comes in Red, Blue and Black.

Includes a flashlight and FM radio.


Dimensions: 10 cm wide, 6.2 cm high, 2.5 cm deep

Power Supply: Rechargeable Battery Pack

External Memory: Not included

Screen: Yes

Battery Life: < 10 hours

Style: MP3

Features: FM radio, flashlight

Does not feature: e-book reading, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi

Storage Type: Flash memory (Micro SD Card slot) or memory stick (USB)


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Family-Sized SD Card Player: compact, easy to use The Family-Sized SD Card Player, available in black, blue and red This player takes a standard phone battery, which is included with your purchase Family-Sized SD Card Player: Blue The Family-Sized SD Card Player: Red (most popular) The Family-Sized SD Card Player: Black  What's included with your Family-Sized SD Card Player: User Manual, battery, USB adapterFamily-Sized SD Card Player: outlets, buttons and flashlight