Welcome to the Desert Springs Emporium

Welcome to the Desert Springs Emporium

This… is a MicroSD Card.

This is a MicroSD Card

MicroSD Cards are the Cassette of the 21st Century.

In less than 10 minutes, you can download hundreds of your favorite songs, videos and books onto a MicroSD Card like this one.

It’s smaller than your thumbnail – yet can hold a whole bookshelf of records or cassettes.

Once you transfer the music you love to your MicroSD card, you can share it with friends at work, on the go or in your home.

Even where there is no electricity or internet.  Even while your computer or phone is charging or backing up files.

All it takes is one of our SD Card Players.

For some reason (a music industry conspiracy, perhaps?), SD Card Players like these are not available anywhere in North America… except through our website.

Find out what it’s like to listen to your podcasts and music everywhere you go, and right where you live.

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Blank MicroSD Cards

Quality Blank 16Gb MicroSD Cards


The Discreet MicroSD Player: Details (click here)

Family-Sized MicroSD Card Player

My Travel Companion MicroSD Player

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