How to “Overnight” successfully in Cairo with EgyptAir

Don't do what I did

When you fly through Cairo and your flight leaves the day after you arrive, EgyptAir generously puts you in a hotel.  Some forums suggest that those staying 24 hours or more may tour the pyramids, but I cannot confirm this.

Helping your luggage to arrive at its destination

overnight in Cairo with EgyptairWhen I checked in my suitcase at the beginning of my flight, the woman at the check-in counter suggested that I should check my bag in all the way to Cairo and pick it up there.  With what happened later, I believe that it would have been less risky for me to check it in all the way to my destination and have it ready to go on board the plane the next day.  I could have had a lock on my luggage, and I believe that the baggage team in the Cairo airport is honest enough to leave my bag alone until it got on the flight the next day.  You may trust them less, and if you do, be sure to keep your baggage claim ticket in a place where you can find it quickly.

the EgyptAir baggage claim areaWhen you get off your airplane and into the hallway, follow the baggage claim signs.  As you do, you will pass a desk with the sign “Transit” on it.

If you have luggage to pick up, walk past this sign and take the escalator downstairs to claim your luggage.  But don’t follow the crowd out into the arrival area via the customs check.  Instead, take the elevator and go back upstairs to the transit desk.  Otherwise, your luggage may be left behind in Egypt, and take 2-10 days to catch up with you at your destination.

What to do if your baggage is missing in Cairo

If your luggage is missing, quickly bring your baggage claim ticket to the baggage claim office marked Star Alliance.  The sooner you can get there before the other customers, the quicker you will be served.  If you are behind a large crowd in the Cairo Airport, go to the middle of it and push forward.  If you stand on the side to push forward, you are more likely to be the last person assisted.

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The Inside Scoop on God’s Not Dead 2

A spoiler-free guide

God’s Not Dead 2 is coming out in less than a week, on Friday!

As an “influential” blogger, ministry leader and minister, my wife and I got to see God’s Not Dead 2 before its release.  However, we had to drive three and a half hours one way to see it.

Sharon thought God’s Not Dead 2 was just as good as the first one.  I thought that it was a bit better.

We spent most of the trip home talking about it.  It’s certainly a movie that gets you thinking about what’s important.  We both left, challenged to make our life count for Christ and His cause.

God's Not Dead 2Some see life as a checklist of fun things to do.  We check things off as we do them, then move on to the next item on the list, never thinking about what we learn from each experience.

Perhaps it’s a blessing to be limited in our activities for a season.  We are in one of those phases right now.

With our limited opportunities, we’re SO glad that, among the things we chose to do together was to watch God’s Not Dead 2.

God’s Not Dead 2 is a movie worth absorbing…  It is prophetic.  It’s inspirational.

It will take some thoughtful reflection time to understand its message well.

Below is a spoiler-free list of ideas to make your time watching it a little more enjoyable.  Some of them may not make sense now, but they will by the time you leave the theater.

Tip 1) Don’t watch the God’s Not Dead 2 trailer

…and if you did already, ignore it.  Things happen in the trailer that don’t happen in the movie.  I was less able to enjoy the movie as I waited for things to happen, that didn’t.

Just enjoy the story as it unfolds on the screen, and enjoy each scene for what it is.

Tip 2) Drop off a donation to Salvation Army before you go

Perhaps you have a pile of clothes your youngest child outgrew.  Or some games you never play.  Or toys your kids have forgotten about.

Whatever you have, bring it to the Salvation Army thrift shop near you, before you go and watch God’s Not Dead 2.

I won’t explain why here, but I can tell you now that you’ll be glad you did.

Tip 3) Find out who J. Warner Wallace and Lee Strobel are

Basically, J. Warner Wallace began his career a homicide detective.  And Lee Strobel started off as a journalist with the Chicago Tribune.

Both were atheists and agnostics.

Then, something happened… a “God” thing…

If you don’t know who these two guys are already, find out.  By doing so, you will have something interesting to say when you go out to eat with your friends after the movie.

Again, I won’t say why.  Not yet.

Tip 4) Buy a ticket or two for your favorite Christian teacher

Melissa Joan Hart

Melissa Joan Hart

It’s no secret that this movie is primarily about a committed Christian who teaches at a public school.

The story is based on the challenges teachers have faced all over the nation, just because they seek to live for Christ both at home and at work.

To show our appreciation for all our teachers do for us and our kids, give the gift of tickets to God’s Not Dead 2 to those who know the battle best.

Tip 5) Bring a teenager who loves Jesus (or, be one!)

The brightest spot in this movie is how the youth get excited about Jesus, and stand up for Him no matter what the cost.

I believe the movie is correct when it implies that this generation of youth is going to make a big impact on their world for Jesus!

Truly, they are the hope for a better America as we live through these challenging times.

Tip 6) Stay to the end

It will look like the movie is over.

You won’t want to miss what happens after the credits are done.

Stay until the end.  If you don’t, you won’t know what everyone is talking about when they try to figure out what it means.

Tip 7) Pray for America

I believe that this movie shows us what is coming soon.

God’s church is going to rise up and fill her God-given role in our society.  For now, we must get into shape to face our giants!

Let this song by the Newsboys become our anthem in 2016:

Please pray that God’s church in America would massively watch God’s Not Dead 2. Pray for those struggling with their faith who will watch it as well.

We all need His help to courageously face the challenges of the coming months of 2016, and beyond.


Please let us know what you thought of God’s Not Dead 2 by leaving a comment below.

Which Airline Upgrades Are Worth Paying For?

Save money, but don't sacrifice comfort

As I had the opportunity to fly across America over the past few years, money was tight. I had to think carefully about which flight upgrades were worth the extra money, and which ones did not add value to the trip I was taking.
I could not afford to waste money. At the same time, I could not afford to experience the trouble that comes from refusing to buy certain flight upgrades.

Seating Upgrades

With every upgrade, it is always important to decide when it is important to pay the extra money.

When I flew with Allegiant Airlines or Delta, they offered premium seats on their flights. I chose to take this upgrade on my way out. For my trip home, I chose to take an emergency exit seat next to the window.

The Premium seating upgrade was okay. There is a bit more leg room in the premium seats, but not enough for me to justify the added cost for taking this upgrade in the future. Premium seats are only good for the extra in-flight entertainment they provide.

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My Top 4 Domestic (North American) Air Travel Tips

Have more fun when you travel by plane

Lately, I’ve done a bit of airline travel within the US.  While living overseas for 14 of the past 24 years, I learned how to observe what was going on around me.  I had to learn this skill as quickly as possible to avoid offending new friends in my host country.

Since domestic travel is so new to me, I observed the following air travel rules which improved my travel experience when traveling within the United States and Canada.

Are my observations correct, or am I missing something?

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Serve better: ask questions.

Help us serve you better

We desire to serve you better in 2016Happy New Year!  I pray that 2016 will be the year where you will be empowered to serve others well in the place of your calling.
     For about three months now, I have worked to improve the appearance and content of our website.  I have put a lot of hours into this, hoping for an increased opportunity to make an eternal difference in the world of my calling, and among those who help us to be there through their prayers and monthly support.
     However, our impact is still small compared to what it could be.  Apparently, the way websites and search engines work today is very different from when we first set up a dozen years ago.  SEO, HTML, CSS… so much to learn!  I am excited with the progress we are making without the help of a web developer.  However, it is increasingly clear to me that I am missing something.  It is probably something pretty obvious, but I just can’t see it.

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