What is a MicroBible?

MicroBibles are the solution God provided to help us break through the five barriers which prevent access to the Word of God.  The MicroSD card is smaller than your thumbnail, so government officials can’t stop them from entering into their country.  They can be played on MicroSD Card players, available worldwide (except in America, ironically).

And you don’t need access to the internet to read these Bibles.  In fact, you don’t even have to know how to read!  These Bibles read themselves to the person who receives them, in the language of their heart.

What is a MicroBible?

Technically speaking, a MicroBible is an SD Card to TF Card adapter, and a TF Card (usually 2 to 4 Gigabytes in size).  MicroBibles for sale - Order NowWe load it with a Bible that reads itself to the owners in their own language.  Then we add the best Good News video and audio resources we can find.  Each MicroBible is tailor-made to reach its audience with God’s Love as expressed by what Christ did for them.

However, MicroBibles are much, much more than the metal and plastic they are made of.  They are even far more than the audio and video files within them.

When you dig deeper, this is what a MicroBible is:

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Five barriers which prevent access to the Bible worldwide

and how to overcome them

Barriers (Photo: Reuters/Marko Djurica)

As believers in Christ, we want to be sure that everyone has access to the Bible in their own language.  In our modern, tech-savvy world, it is difficult to believe that there are still barriers preventing millions of people from having access to the Word of God.

With websites like Faith Comes by Hearing and YouVersion, most Christians may conclude that the Bible translation and distribution task is complete.

Although these websites meet the need for many, there are millions who, for different reasons, cannot access these resources.

The reality is that millions all over the world have no way of receiving a copy of the Bible.  They live in a place where the Gospel has difficulty getting past the spiritual boundaries.

Desert Springs Ministries is here to provide you with the tools necessary to help you bring God’s Word to those who don’t yet have access to it.

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