How to find the best gas prices in the USA

Save money on your next American Roadtrip

We are back in the US, and lately, our whole family is driving halfway across the United States to attend a conference. As we watch the miles pass by, we wake up each morning in the hotel or motel we paid for with help from a coupon we found in a magazine at a welcome center. Once we were all awake, we ate breakfast, and watched the Weather Channel or Fox News in the lobby. We packed the car and headed to our next destination.

We have been especially grateful for our relatives and friends who have broken up this monotony by graciously welcoming us into their home. You have been SUCH a blessing to us, and we do not take your gift of hospitality for granted.

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The next revolution in the Great Commission of Christ

From anywhere, to anywhere, without having to raise support

The way we have traditionally fulfilled the Final Commission of Christ is broken. And we need to be fix it. We lose too many of those who are called to make an eternal difference in the world, due to an unbiblical barrier of raising support and depending on a missions agency to do what is meant to be done by the church.

And those who serve because they were good at raising support, aren’t always the best laborers in the harvest field. Some of them tend to waste money and to not blend in well to their host culture.

We need to take advantage of the new economy to send out our brightest and best in new ways.

In the past, our best laborers have been the Bruchkos, the Gladys Aylwards, the Hudson Taylors.  These laborers refused to blend in, and asked the difficult questions.

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3 ways that Africa is better off than America

Moving from pity to praise...

I remember the day it hit me.  I was at a grocery store that I could barely afford to be at, picking up some essential for my home like mayonnaise, canned hot dogs or ramen noodles.

A child, nicely dressed but not overly so, walked in with a grocery bag.  That kid bought some food items I could not afford, and the total  cost of what he bought cost more money than I had in my house at the time.

And when he was done, I saw him cross the street with his groceries, and go into the house with the lightly crumbling mud walls around it.

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Which Airline Upgrades Are Worth Paying For?

Save money, but don't sacrifice comfort

As I had the opportunity to fly across America over the past few years, money was tight. I had to think carefully about which flight upgrades were worth the extra money, and which ones did not add value to the trip I was taking.
I could not afford to waste money. At the same time, I could not afford to experience the trouble that comes from refusing to buy certain flight upgrades.

Seating Upgrades

With every upgrade, it is always important to decide when it is important to pay the extra money.

When I flew with Allegiant Airlines or Delta, they offered premium seats on their flights. I chose to take this upgrade on my way out. For my trip home, I chose to take an emergency exit seat next to the window.

The Premium seating upgrade was okay. There is a bit more leg room in the premium seats, but not enough for me to justify the added cost for taking this upgrade in the future. Premium seats are only good for the extra in-flight entertainment they provide.

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My Top 4 Domestic (North American) Air Travel Tips

Have more fun when you travel by plane

Lately, I’ve done a bit of airline travel within the US.  While living overseas for 14 of the past 24 years, I learned how to observe what was going on around me.  I had to learn this skill as quickly as possible to avoid offending new friends in my host country.

Since domestic travel is so new to me, I observed the following air travel rules which improved my travel experience when traveling within the United States and Canada.

Are my observations correct, or am I missing something?

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