How to Avoid the Crowds in Bar Harbor and on Mount Desert Island

Hidden Gems 2017: Your Family-Friendly Food & Shopping Guide

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Welcome to the State of Maine! Our family is blessed to call this place “home”! For many visitors, a visit to Bar Harbor and Mount Desert Island is the experience you carefully save for and hope to enjoy someday. On Bar Harbor Bay by David FarisYou dreamed of the day when life would calm down just enough so that you could come to visit this place. And now, you are here! (or on your way…)

We would like to help you make the most of your visit to The Island. That’s why we prepared this complimentary Travel Guide.  Updated for the 2017 tourist season, The Hidden Gems of the Island will make your visit to Bar Harbor and Mount Desert Island (pleasantly) unforgettable.

How Hidden Gems will help you

Acadia National Park is one of the most popular National Parks in the United States. Each year, around three million tourists come to visit the Island. That’s more than twice the entire population of the State of Maine! To enjoy the Island experience, people come by van, car, plane and cruise ship.

Are you coming to Mount Desert Island this year?Our friends from all over the world love to drive the Park Loop Road up Cadillac Mountain. From there, you can almost see the whole world! Hopefully you brought your swimsuit and get a chance to body surf on Sand Beach. Don’t forget to stop by Thunder Hole to see if the waves are crashing in!

Because the Island is so beautiful, the crowds take in all the beautiful vistas of nature and forget the time. And then, your stomach starts to grumble.  You remember that it’s time to eat.

Or perhaps it’s the last day of vacation, and you have to hit the shops for souvenirs for you family back home.

When these things happen, the crowds always seem to hit the same shops and restaurants over and over, despite the long waiting times and congestion.

Thankfully, by using our Hidden Gems Dining & Shopping Guide, you can avoid the crowds!  We provide the plan of action – so that you can concentrate on having fun!

Avoid the Crowds in Bar Harbor

Here is one example of how this guide will help you avoid the crowds:

CJ’s Big Dipper Ice Cream Shop in Bar Harbor usually has long lines going into the store. On a hot day, you can wait as long as 45 minutes before getting your ice cream cone. Yet, less than a tenth of a mile away, the Chocolate Moose has no waiting times, and chocolate bowls for your ice cream. Handcrafted Chocolate Dessert Bowl with Ice Cream at The Chocolate MooseWhile it’s true that the quality of the ice cream at CJ’s is great, the ice cream at Chocolate Moose, combined with the entire experience, is even better!

In order to provide you with the best possible guide of the Island, we insisted on not receiving payment (money or otherwise) to recommend these restaurants or shops to you. We chose them, simply because each one is a high value, great experience establishment which the crowd tends to neglect.

To truly experience your vacation on the Island as you should, you must take the time to enjoy the ocean breezes and lighthouses, the whales and wildlife, and the moments you spend with family and friends, without distraction.

Follow us, as we lead you away from the beaten pathways. Let us show you the shops and restaurants where there is still room to sit and relax.

Your trip to Bar Harbor is the trip you’ll never forget! Long lines and waiting times can spoil it for you. This guide will help you to bypass the crowds. It will point you to the best places to eat and shop on Mount Desert Island.

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