MegaVoice Players and MicroBibles, Side-by-Side

Which one works best? Answer: It all depends...

tom treseder (source: 1986, Tom Treseder drew a sketch of a device without moving parts that could play audio files.  This picture was to lead him and his team to produce the MegaVoice player.

Back then, people depended on vinyl records and cassettes to replay audio. In the extreme temperatures of Siberia and the Sahara, these early technologies would often fail.

Twelve years passed before a microchip was invented which could hold the over 80 hours of audio required for the Bible. As the technology developed, the MegaVoice Player became a reality. Since 1999, MegaVoice Players have been a wonderful option for distributing the Word of God in audio format.

Advantages of a MegaVoice Player

A MegaVoice Player doesn’t need batteries. It has an internal battery that can be recharged using solar electricity. So, even during a natural disaster, MegaVoice players can continue to provide a community with encouragement from the Word of God.

Another big advantage of a MegaVoice Player is that you cannot easily erase or replace the audio files on it.  If you wish to order some, please visit their website.

Weaknesses of a MegaVoice Player

Listening to the Word of God on the family cellphoneA MegaVoice costs $30-60 each, depending on how many you order and where you send them.  Also, if the internal battery fails because of under charging or overuse, you must send it back to the manufacturer for repairs.

As we served the peoples of the Sahara Desert, our family had to find a locally available solution to these challenges.

Our family had a very small ministry budget.  Thus, we could not afford the number of MegaVoice Players necessary to meet the demand for the Word of God in our village.

So we began to use MicroBibles instead.  They cost only $4.00 for the SD Card and $12-24 for the player.  As a result, we didn’t have to import them in from overseas.  We prepared them ourselves, right in the Sahara Desert!

Advantages of a MicroBible

MicroBibles in many languagesAs the technology developed, MicroBibles became a viable alternative to MegaVoice Players. Cellphones with MicroSD card slots were widely available in South America, Asia, Africa, and Europe. Those who lived outside of cellphone range could also buy a lot of radios with MicroSD card slots built-in. All we needed was the microchip with the audio Bible on it.

Our MicroBibles come with a very useful file which takes up almost no memory. When you print out a single copy of this file, you get a sheet of 99 MicroBible labels.  These can then be glued to the SD cards before distribution. Of course, in highly sensitive situations, the MicroBibles are distributed without labels.

With this file on each MicroBible, they can be multiplied millions of times within country for wider distribution. Even in the most extreme situation, one of God’s servants can bring the Bible to a whole nation.  All they need is just one MicroBible the size of their thumbnail.

We invite you to become a part of providing this cutting-edge technology to God’s servants worldwide.  Please consider supporting Desert Springs Ministries with your prayers, or financially.


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