Making Room for Unexpected Opportunities

Each one is a blessing in disguise (from March 2011)

Have you ever had your plans for the day interrupted by someone else’s plans for you?

That day, I had my Friday all figured out in my head and was reading my Bible.  Before I could finish, a friend came over to the house.  He had a military general waiting for me outside the gate, waiting to take me somewhere. I had no idea where he wanted to take me, so I was a little bit nervous about it.

download-2In the end, he brought me to his house here in town and had something to discuss with me that was important to him. He had seen our dictionary, and through it our heart for his people, so he felt he could trust me.

He wanted to help bring a school, wells, and hospitals to his region of the country by digging for gold.  A relative in the US had sent him a metal detector.  And because I was an American, “Of course I’d know how to use it!”

I had never used a metal detector before in my life, but together, we were able to figure it out somehow.

Unexpected Opportunities with New Friends

unexpected discovery: friends are more precious than goldAs I drank tea with him and ate meat and bread for breakfast, I sat there, touched by the trust this general put in me.

The discussions had nothing to do with linguistics or developing their language.  And yet, they were extremely valuable!  They gave me a chance to hear the language spoken, and gave me a chance to speak the language.  This unexpected opportunity also allowed me to make some friends among our adopted people group.

This is true of any opportunity that comes our way if only we can keep our eyes open for them.

Unexpected Opportunities to Help Strangers in Need

Libyan RefugeesAt the beginning of this week, I met 2-8 refugees a day who were fleeing from the conflict in Libya. They were pleading with me to help them in any way I can, clearly desperate for help. But come Friday morning, and in through today, where have they all disappeared to?  There are no refugees from Libya to be found! All I can guess is that God answered the prayer we prayed with Karamoko, Mamige, Kulah, and Adolphus. All I had a chance to do was handing out several loaves of bread.

Everyday Opportunities to spend time with my Family

tahiniSarah had extra homework today but got an early start on it, so was finished in good time. In the meantime, Susan and Deborah enjoyed helping Ashta with the large load of laundry; she is so good to include them in everything! When she was done, they made Wonder Woman costumes, each with only one sheet of paper! As they played together, I made hummus for the family, thanks to Tahini from our trip to Senegal. Everyone liked it so much, even Sarah.

After lunch, I cut up some mangoes to let them dry out. They taste really great in ice tea, and, while delicious ones are readily available, it’s the time to prepare them.

It is almost 11 PM, and there is still cheering in the streets! Something must have happened this evening that has made this town celebrate. I’m thinking it’s the announcement of the parliamentary election results.

Each day can be filled with opportunities!  All we need to do is to be flexible, and willing to reorganize our schedule around the unexpected blessings He sends our way.

What unexpected opportunities came your way today?  Take a moment to let us know about it in the comment section below.

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