What is a MicroBible?

MicroBibles are the solution God provided to help us break through the five barriers which prevent access to the Word of God.  The MicroSD card is smaller than your thumbnail, so government officials can’t stop them from entering into their country.  They can be played on MicroSD Card players, available worldwide (except in America, ironically).

And you don’t need access to the internet to read these Bibles.  In fact, you don’t even have to know how to read!  These Bibles read themselves to the person who receives them, in the language of their heart.

What is a MicroBible?

Technically speaking, a MicroBible is an SD Card to TF Card adapter, and a TF Card (usually 2 to 4 Gigabytes in size).  MicroBibles for sale - Order NowWe load it with a Bible that reads itself to the owners in their own language.  Then we add the best Good News video and audio resources we can find.  Each MicroBible is tailor-made to reach its audience with God’s Love as expressed by what Christ did for them.

However, MicroBibles are much, much more than the metal and plastic they are made of.  They are even far more than the audio and video files within them.

When you dig deeper, this is what a MicroBible is:

A MicroBible is a Seed

The sower went out to sow his seed.” (Luke 8:5, MWNT)

"The Sower" by Jean-François MilletThis is how Jesus’ first parable in the Gospel of Luke begins.  We often focus on the type of soil where the seeds fall, but what about the seeds themselves?

The seed is God’s Word.” (Luke 8:12, MWNT)

As mentioned above, a MicroBible is a copy of the Scriptures in audio (mp3) and written (pdf) format which can be hidden in a portable phone.

However, at Desert Springs Ministries, we add something to our MicroBibles, something that no one else does.  On each one, there is an Adobe Acrobat file of a sheet of 99 labels.  Because of this file, anyone who receives one of our MicroBibles can produce as many MicroBibles as they need!

Similar to the DNA in a plant seed, our MicroBibles contain everything necessary for each person who receives them to produce an infinite number of MicroBibles just like them.

A MicroBible is Flexibility

Palm Zire: In preparation for MicroBible technologyIn John Wycliffe’s day, the only books that existed were expensive, because they had to be recopied by hand.

Then John Gutenberg invented the printing press in 1440.  Everything changed; books became less expensive and more available to all.

Something similar happened in my lifetime, and perhaps in yours as well.

In 1996, the Personal Data Assistant (PDA) Jeff Hawkins invented began to be sold to the public for $299.

Ten years later, SanDisk sold a 4 GB micro SD card.  In 2006, they cost $99.  Now, we can buy them for under $4.

A bookshelf of records, cassettes and books can now fit on a microchip! [Source: Wikimedia]One of those SD Cards can store volumes and volumes of books, songs, and low-quality videos.  Nowadays, the music and information found in a whole bookshelf of books, records or cassettes (your choice) could easily fit on an 8 Gb TF Card no bigger than your thumbnail!

This is the technology which allows us to provide the Word of God to anyone, anywhere, in any one of a thousand major languages!  All can be blessed by God’s Word, even those who don’t know how to read.  Even those who don’t have electricity in their home, or internet access.

A MicroBible is Freedom

A MicroBible gives us freedom to distribute His Word in ANY countryIt doesn’t matter whether you are in Paris or Pyongyang, Mecca or Moscow.  Even in places where it is illegal to own a Bible, you can now carry yours around without anyone knowing about it.

This technology also allows you the freedom to share God’s Word with anyone.

And there is very little the authorities can do about it.

When I used to copy cassettes in the 1980s, we could only make copies as fast as the music could play.  Thus, a 42-minute music album took 42 minutes to copy.

Now, we can copy that same album from a computer to an SD card in less than 10 seconds.  And then you can plug that SD card into any number of other electronic devices to enjoy the content over and over!

As a result of the invention of the MicroBible, sharing the seed of God’s Word with the world has become so much easier.

Desert Springs Ministries wants to help you to discreetly provide MicroBibles to your friends from overseas.


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