Safer Than A Roller Coaster!

God takes care of those who "risk" obeying Him

I hate roller coasters. I can’t handle the feeling of losing control of where I am going.  It is difficult to rush forward without knowing what’s going to happen next.  However, they say that roller coasters are actually safer than children’s wagons or even folding lawn chairs. And I must admit: on the few times my girls ever talked me into riding a roller coaster with them, there came a point before the ride was over that I actually relaxed and gave up worrying about what was coming next.

Last month, because the brakes of my 1998 Toyota Corolla were squeaking, I left it at Quality Tire in Brewer, Maine to get them fixed.  Around noon, they called me back.  “Your car needs new struts and brakes, and it’s going to cost you $1,600.”

Inwardly, I gulped.  “That’s a lot!,” I thought.  Then I asked my mechanic it would be okay to think it over.  I thought about it, then called Sharon.  We both agreed that we needed to get a new vehicle so that I could preach in the churches each month.  But on our missionary salary, what could we get?

Before they call, I will answer (Isaiah 65:24)

The Facebook appeal I never got to useThe next day, I was supposed to post a request for help on Facebook.  But before I could type it in there, Sharon called me from work.  “You’ve got a car!!,” she told me.

Apparently, she went on to Facebook around noontime while at work (which is something she never does).  And there, one of our mutual friends had just posted a black 2004 Honda Civic on her page!  Everything about it was perfect.  It had low mileage.  It only had two owners, and each of them had taken great care of it.

When the current owner came to show it to me, it was merely a formality.  This car was an amazing gift,  as wonderful as I expected.

…Like Treasure Hidden in the Field (Matthew 13:44)

Our old Toyota Corolla, and our new Honda CivicYes, we had to raid our savings account to buy the Honda Civic… but then, what are savings accounts for?  We can truly thank God that this one’s paid for, as was the one before it.

The CD player, automatic windows and locks are taking a bit of getting used to… but I feel so blessed!  God saw my need and He met it, even before I told anyone else about it.

As our oldest was approaching High School and young adulthood, my girls needed us to be home to help them with the transition.  At the same time, the people we left in Chad still needed us as well.  The work in Chad was not finished.

To meet the needs of both of our worlds, I felt the call to resign from AGWM, and to start what later became Desert Springs Ministries.  Although Sharon felt a peace about this move, it was a very difficult decision for me.  I emailed my resignation to Assemblies of God World Missions, despite my lack of trust that He would take care of us.  Even though I was as terrified as I had been on any roller coaster, I could easily see that it was what He wanted me to do.

The process of becoming official took a LOT of paperwork, prayer and sweat.  Every month until recently, I was anxious that everything was going to crumble all around me.

But it never happened.  God was with us all the way! God’s roller coaster never failed us.

Things were tight during those first few years of waiting for the cement to dry… but I can personally testify, we never lacked a thing!

No Greater Adventure than His Roller Coaster

We live such sheltered lives here in America. Once the average American leaves home, he or she gets a secure job, works hard and keeps the boss happy.  As we do, we make sure to have a huge retirement package waiting for us.  If we hit a bump on the road to retirement, we’ve already ensured our lives, our homes, our cars and everything we own to decrease the risk.

The LORD’s provision of a new vehicle was such an encouragement to me!  Through this, He reminded me that He takes care of those who are willing to trust Him.

What He has just done for us, He will surely do for you, and your family!

He may not provide a vehicle for you in the same way He did for me.  In fact, He probably won’t.  Each of us is different.  He knows us with greater detail than Facebook or our closest friend!  When He provides for us, no one else can add a personalized touch to our testimony like Him!

If you dare to follow Him, He keep you safe and meet your needs.  He is searching for those who will obey Him, who will dare to do that “crazy thing” He called them to do.

Is there a risk that the LORD has called you to take?  If so, let us know about it by leaving a comment below:

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4 thoughts on “Safer Than A Roller Coaster!

  1. Yes David!! God is faithful. Us too have know God’s provision and He has never failed us once. God always knows our needs before we do and already has a plan to provide. At times I have felt as you did. Worrying about tomorrow. Wondering how we would make it. I can say every time He came through for us. Then I would need to ask for forgiveness for my doubt. Undoubtedly, Independent mission work has its challenges, but we have a wonderful Father who has an inexhaustible supply and the money always follows the ministry we do.
    Love you my brother,

    • Thanks so much for your encouraging words. Yes, in Independent Mission, there is no man who will bail us out if anything goes wrong. But God is more faithful than any man or human organization, isn’t He?
      Like nothing else, this life challenges us to walk closely with Him, and live in obedience to His Word.

  2. I read the extended version of your testimony and found it to be so encouraging and uplifting!
    Thank you for witnessing to God’s faithfulness- yet once again!