Packing in the desert during hot season

This post was written while we were still in Chad, Africa.

I’m “back from being underground”; not in covert operations, but rather, I became swamped with packing! And all this in the middle of Mother’s Day weekend, which I knew better than to ignore and pretend like it wasn’t happening. We had coconut pancakes for breakfast, and were thankful to enjoy fellowship with our friends over lunch… with their huge solar system, complete with COLD WATER from their freezer that runs 24/7!! Then I went out and bought pizzas from Rose du Sable.

Our house has been part home, part storage unit for some time now. So the first step was easy: get all the stuff that is storage out into the courtyard. However, DO NOT put any boxes or wood on the ground, or the termites will get it! I mistakenly put a box on the ground to get something out of a suitcase; by the next morning, the termites had made a nest in the box of Tupperware. I was thankful it wasn’t a box of books, or I would have been in HUGE trouble.

To keep from heating up the house, either we moved the boxes at night, or put the boxes into the back room where the stove is, close the door to the house, then open the door to the outside.

The next step was to pack up the supplies we don’t need to live here into closets, cabinets, drawers and dressers. This is what took a LOT more time. Sarah’s got the knack of it; we gave her instructions on packing, and in a few hours, her room was as bare as the simplest of safari hotels!

Packing Away

Deborah and Susan had a harder time of it; their room was wall to wall stuff thrown all around. I started early one morning, and continued to pack for most of the day. Debbie had to take her nap in Sarah’s room that day. In the meantime, I found clothes stuffed into the bookshelf, books strewn in the toy box and toys lying in the closet. It was a lot of work, but there was a thrill in my soul to see the result! I’m sad to say, my office needed similar attention, as did the kitchen, but Sharon did a good job there.

We put off yesterday’s packing for a few hours when Ashta came to the house with a swollen face. A tooth was acting up, and gave her a weekend of intense pain. There are dentist offices in town; we haven’t visited them before, so we were surprised to meet Syrian dentists in the middle of this desert! They told us Ashta’s mouth was too swollen to work on it, so they prescribed medicines to help with that, and we were on our way. As a result, I was “Ashta”, helping with the dishes, etc., while Sharon taught the kids.

Yesterday, my Z friend brought over a Z merchant friend of his. He will come over to load up his truck; then, with God’s help, we will make the trip to Iriba by tonight. It was a lot of work by all of us to put this pile together; I’ll be sad to take our “family work of art” apart. But that is why we put it together, after all!

What interesting things have you found while packing? Let us know in the comments below!

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