A missed flight, friends gained, time lost

This post was written while we were still in Chad, Africa.

I missed my flight back to Abéché! I lost track of time, and no one gave me a ride to catch the flight. Oh well, everyone has to miss at least one flight if they are going to live here. I’ll definitely be ready for next time. So I had to ride in a pickup truck and paid a little extra to get a front seat. I ended up sitting in the market for five hours, which was great for friendship building; but it held up my schedule. I had used up the money I had brought with me, and one of my new friends bought me a soda. Never tasted one better!

I soon discovered that I should have saved my money and sat in the back; the music from the cigarette lighter mp3 player was overpowering and painful, and did not allow for much talking or even thinking.

Water Tower Developments

sunset en route flight

We may not need a water tower. As we left town, I saw something amazing: they are building a 50+ foot water tower on one of the hills overlooking this town of 2,000 people and we’re already hooked up to town water when it comes on! The Sultan placed the first stone for its construction the weekend I came to visit him, and it looks like it is over half up!

Things like this make it clear to us that God is not allowing us any excuse but to go to this village to work; everything we could have lifted up and said, “Because of this, it can’t work out”. God has been merciful to us.

We became stuck in a wadi, so us men got out to push. Just the weight of 9 out of 12 of us would have been enough to get us out of there. Then our vehicle helped another vehicle which had stalled in a wadi to start from a “pull” and popping in the clutch.

I learned why Chadian drivers keep their lights off at sunset; when the road is no longer visible to them, they know it’s time to stop for maghreb prayer. And our driver beeped short beeps at camels, long beeps at goats and no beeps at donkeys. We arrived at 10 PM; Sharon picked me up, and I spent the rest of the next day recovering from the trip.

Have you ever missed a flight? Let us know in the comments below!

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