Our return trip to Abeche

This post was written while we were in Chad.

Today was our trip to Abeche, from Mongo! This trip was the result of five months of planning and prayer. We were so glad to make it here at last!

Sharon is still recovering from her illness, and from a busy, big day of preparation yesterday. I started yesterday off by refilling our water supply from the well in the courtyard. This involved throwing a bucket with a roped tied to it down the well. It was difficult for me to get the bucket to tip into the water so it could fill up. I didn’t realize how heavy a bucket full of water is when you are pulling it back up! After many successful attempts, I obtained about 65 gallons of water, and it took me until 11 AM due to my lack of experience. So, that’s why our friends, the Avileses, are so careful with water!

Heading for Abeche

By the time I had finished the last of my packing, the breakfast dishes, purchased ice in town for the cooler, and packed up the car, we had reached 10:30 AM. We got meat in Mangalmé, and went up to the tree where US* and I had gone last time, only this time we had a plastic mat, a cooler and a potty for Debbie. As we were eating, Sharon noticed, “Isn’t that tire a little low?” She was right; I felt a little concerned, so we headed back to Mangalmé. Upon checking it with the only tire repair guy we saw in town, we learned that it only had 14 psi (1 kgf) in it instead of the 42 psi (3 kgf) it required! People were praying for our trip, and God was watching out for us!

We arrived in Abeche at sunset, at Maghrib prayer time (5:30 PM). Sharon and the girls felt surprised by the paved roads and the solar street lights all through the town. They also expressed amazement at how the Orphanage had remained the same through the years. For all except Deborah, memories kept flooding in. I was touched to learn that Soumain had insisted upon having the house repainted for us. So, since we have no solar electricity yet, we had to get supper ready and the mosquito nets tied up before the orphanage people turned off the generator at 9 PM. By then, we were ready for bed.

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  1. Hi David, Sharon and the girls- HAPPY BIRTHDAY SARAH!!!!!!!!! Grand-dad will send a card soon on the internet. Are you all living on the Orphanage? We miss you all a lot and love you very much!!!!! Lots of Love and Prayers-Grand-dad and Grandma. PS Grand-dad will be 72 tomorrow. We are going to Quebec for the afternoon on Thursday to celebrate. Let us know about the orphanage.