A Wild, Exhausting Journey through the Sand

On Saturday, as we traveled back from Iriba, we took a wrong turn, and found ourselves headed to Adré. Mind you, the road wasn’t so bad; however, it was disconcerting to drive 30 miles on a road that led 90 miles away from our destination. We arrived in Adré at 8 PM, and in Abéché at 11:45 PM. When we arrived in Adré, I decided to keep going; we didn’t know where to find a guest house, or if they would even have a place for us.

Without road signs to guide us on the road, we used the GPS that we’ve had for about a decade now, thanks to our friends at Lebanon Assembly of God! Because we knew where we were going, we stayed the course rather than bolt on a country road in panic.

Stuck in Sand

The more we were on these wild roads, the more potential there was that something could go wrong: more sharp, smnrc.org sandspear-shaped rocks; more thorns; more hills of sand to climb in low gear. Any of them could have put us out of commission for the night, but God was merciful to us. We became stuck once when we drove through fine, soft sand, but ten minutes shoveling out the sand under the wheels set us right.

We were so glad to see the street lights of Abéché slowly approaching; as we waited before the gate to the orphanage, the “low fuel” light of the second tank went on! That is how precise God’s provision was for us during this trip. And our beds that night never felt more comfortable, our sleep had never felt more pleasant.

The Next Day

Yesterday was definitely a day to try to recover from the trip home; I think I must have taken three naps! For supper, I went out and got pizza from Rose du Sable. They had me pay ten minutes before the food came out… and for good reason! Under new administration, the pizzas had shrunk in size, and the french fries were more “raw.” We had asked them to remove two toppings from one of the pizzas, but they had included them anyway. But as I waited for the food to be ready, I watched some of the coverage of what is happening to our northern neighbor, Libya, on the satellite TV for the first time, as the UN forces began their aerial bombardment of military targets.

So, it was back to work today! We had a normal school day, and I spent most of the day catching up on internet use at one of our NGO partners. They even had a conference, and gave me lunch from the leftovers!

What is the longest night you have ever experienced? We’d love to hear about it!

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