A Visit from a Beautiful Hummingbird

While in Abéché, I stayed focused on paying the rent and the friends who work with us. I also had to work on getting a newsletter ready for our praying supporters. I am also taking special time to pray during this month. The time in Abéché was a good chance to get some special quiet time with the Lord. I spent a good amount of time praying about some of the challenges we are facing.

The Hummingbird

I have started having evening devotions on the front porch, and watch the sun set. It’s Ramadan, so when the sun finally pinterest hummingbirdsets, everyone can eat again. As I sat there praying a few nights ago, I saw something that looked like a fat moth in the flowers. However, I soon figured that it wasn’t a moth, because moths don’t fly in an organized way; this creature flew like a helicopter or something. Then, looking more carefully, I saw that it was a hummingbird, no bigger than a little girl’s thumb. The little bird was completely occupied with sucking the nectar out of the flowers growing right in front of the porch! It didn’t pay any attention to me at all; it just kept doing its work and keeping busy with what it needed to do before the sun set!

While here, I had a hard time with having electricity at the house, because it was cloudy all week. But finally today, we had some strong winds, and it blew away all the clouds, and we have electricity tonight! The water I left out next to the gazebo (that concrete picnic table thing) also actually got warm today, so I was finally able to get a shower after waiting for more than four days! The bath water was really dirty afterwards, so I must have needed it.

What is your favorite bird? Let us know below!

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