Happy New Year from Senegal!

This post was written while were in Chad.

With all the craziness of coming to Senegal, we didn’t keep track of how close we were to 2011. It has been a year full of trouble for us and many others: those in Haiti, Ivory Coast, Pakistan, the US, Europe. But it has also been a time of exciting opportunities to serve and bless others. And now we stand at the very start of a New Year.

The internet here at the hotel is fast, but doesn’t work at night. Since Senegal is along the coast, they have been able to connect to the internet cable in the ocean. This means we have been able to do some things online that we couldn’t do otherwise; for instance, updating our AVG antivirus, and downloading the Windows updates.

Celebrating the New Year

We went over to the Tarr’s home for a New Year’s fellowship. It was then that we realized that the beauty we see at the hotel isn’t present all over the city. They lived in a neighborhood with the Senegalese people, seeking to be a blessing where God has placed them. For supper, we had chili, rolls, veggies and dip. We played a game where we had to make the largest number of words with the word “resolution” in three minutes. Sharon and Sarah were really good at this game.

happy new yearThere were fireworks going off throughout the neighborhood as we approached midnight. It sounded like a revolution had started out there! Everyone seemed to have the fancy rockets that shoot off red, gold and silver bouquets and sparkles everywhere! Then, as those ran out, people started using some awesome Roman candles.

The dogs did not like the loud noises, and Deborah did not. So Sharon, held her, and she went to bed in her arms, the dog by her side. On our way back to the hotel, we sat stuck in traffic. It seemed much of the town was coming to the Magic Land parking lot to celebrate the New Year! We woke up late, and the girls played in the ocean before lunch.

This evening, the McLaines had us over for supper, for a brisket brought from the USA! It was served with homemade BBQ sauce, Brussels sprouts, white beans, corn bread casserole. We were so blessed to have them share this blessing with us.

How many words can you find in the word “resolution”? Let us know in the comments below!

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