Fun memories to treasure

My time in Moundou is a blur of sickness, including tummy problems I’d rather not explain to you in detail. It is so humid there! We found a cooler and some ice, so we could keep the dairy products, sodas and water cool. Because the station did not have consistent electricity, this was a welcome blessing.

It rained a bit over at the Bible school, which hopefully means that rainy season will soon cool things down. That day, we visited the Bible school students, the staff and their families. They loved picking themselves out on the picture that Randy took of them, and would gather around his camera to find out where they were standing.

We were in constant communication with MAF about the date and time of our flight from Moundou to Abéché. Eventually, they decided to have us leave on Friday morning, at 6:30 AM. So that night, we put as much luggage as we did not need in Abéché into an Express Sud Voyages bus to N’Djaména. Then we got up at 4:00 AM to be sure to be ready. The sun rose over the airfield, and eventually we saw the lights of the Cessna 175 making its way toward us. It was our new friends, Gary and Arthur, from the Adventist Medical mission in Béré! So we flew from Moundou to Abéché with a refueling stop at Zakouma Park.a photo of elephants to treasure

As we approached the park, our pilots asked us if we wanted to fly over some elephants that they were tagging! Who wouldn’t? There were two trucks involved; they had gotten an elephant down, and were putting his tag on when we arrived. And there were two herds of elephants running wildly across the savanna! We felt much safer from our vista in the plane, and it was fun to make those tight turns around the herd of elephants and the trucks tagging the elephant, so close to the ground!

A Time to Treasure

It was great to be back together again as a family; the girls are really enjoying having “Uncle Randy” out for a visit. It’s been a good time to get to know each other better, and to try to be a blessing to him so far away from home.

randy at ibadt

Today, Easter, we had a breakfast of banana muffins, with real butter! Then we had church service as a family with Randy. We studied the treasure in the field, then each of the girls had a coloring page with a treasure chest to color in, and to put the treasure they wanted to put into the chest. Then we watched the “Deeper Connections” DVD about the treasure in the field, and the pearl of great price.

Randy has hoped to ride in a rickshaw and drink a glass of tea since we got here, and Sarah has never been on one either. So, after service. Randy, Sarah and I went to the market in a rickshaw. We greeted my Matta friends, walked around the market, bought roasted chicken at L’Ombre de l’Afrique restaurant, had some green tea. We got Sarah a Pepsi, then headed out to Ali’s for some roasted meat… in a rickshaw! This, plus the bread we bought yesterday, made for a delicious Easter meal, well-enjoyed by everyone. And, to top off the day, we had worship, preaching and communion in the orphanage playground, plus watermelon and snacks.

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