Christmas with the girls, and a false start

This post was written while we were in Chad.

Our Christmas this year was simple, but very nice. We opened our stockings after breakfast, consisting of the cereals sent by Glad Tidings Church. Then we read from Luke and Matthew about the birth of Christ, interspersed with hymns that Sharon had downloaded. Then we opened the presents around the tree; this year’s big gift to the girls was an mp3 player, and speakers. Deborah even got one, in the form of a GREEN apple (green is her favorite color). The girls also got matching dresses, and typical Sudanese jewelry or headbands.

Getting Ready for the Trip with the Girls

Ashta came today to wash our clothes in preparation for our trip. Our friends came to have church (since we intended to travel today). Then I went out to buy chicken. Due to how late I arrived, Ali had only 1 1/2 roasted chickens for sale, so I bought them, along with some goat meat. After our special lunch, we focused on packing for the trip to N’Djamena.

men's health headacheIt took us until 10:30 to leave the orphanage, then another 45 minutes to leave town with the errands we had to leave. We were out 120 km (75 mi), when we realized that we forgot to pack the food! So we came back the same distance on what is the worst part of this ever improving road to get it. By the time we arrived back in Abéché, we all felt so exhausted (I had a bad headache) that we decided to try to leave very, very early Monday morning and try to get to N’Djaména in one day.

I went to sleep while Sharon prepared lunch. She prepared a big batch of spaghetti, and the girls ate it all, they were so hungry! Then they went to sleep, and I got up to eat and check the fluids in the car for tomorrow. The car is mostly packed. Our alarm is set for 3:30 AM; and tonight, there is a Muslim chanting competition going on very nearby.

Have you ever had to turn around for something while on a trip? Let us know in the comments below!

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