A quiet, productive day to wait

kid waitingThis post was written while we were in Chad.

I “lay low” today, recovering from the trip and the tiredness I was feeling even before I left. This provided me with a chance to put the stuff I brought with me into storage here at Bakan Assalam. So the car is empty, and we can return home when our work is done here.

It seems like the bulk of our work today is to “wait”; wait for a key to become available, wait for my friend offering his home to us to return from France and to get back to me, wait for the staff at the orphanage to return tomorrow. We are working on alternatives: I went into the house we lived in last term, took pictures, knelt and prayed.

A Peaceful Morning

I hoped that I’d have good internet today, but the place I’ve gone is having trouble with the network. So we will wait until tomorrow, and try again. In the meantime, Tigo is working great out here!

commons.wikimedia.org eggplantUS worked with me on the first of the proverbs for the 2011 agenda. As he sat in the home where I am staying with the prospect of 24 proverbs before him, he was a bit hesitant about what the result would look like. However, he need not have been; as I talked about the general idea of where I wanted to go with each proverb, he was able to come up with some really good ones, like “It is bad to sleep a lot. If it were good, the eyes of the rabbit would not be so big,” and, “The Nogu plant does not grow in the shade.” (meaning, sometimes we have to pass through suffering to grow).

I had fried eggplant from the woman who sells veggies here, our ol’ friend! I had a hard time starting the gas stove, though S was able to get it going right away.

Have you ever experienced a quiet time of waiting? If so, please comment below!

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