Stretching our Creativity Muscles and Eating Pizzas

This post was written while we were in Chad.

We become our most creative when faced with great challenges and inconveniences.  In America where we came from, life seems to work so seamlessly, to the point where I believe that we are forced to invent 70% of our problems ourselves.  It’s good for our brains to step out their comfort zone, and be stretched by facing real challenges, to which we must find solutions.

Monday was our first day of school, with Sonlight!  Surprisingly, the pace seems to be starting out much lighter for everyone, including for Sharon and I.  I guess that is sonlightbecause Sarah is taking Business Math this year: math has often been a big time-consumer for both teacher and student.

Communication via email is a big challenge these days, with Airtel still down and Tigo running slow, sometimes not at all.  Sometimes an email is important, but too big to send. Therefore, we take a trip into town with the computers. It’s not a bad thing for circumstances to stretch us a bit; we face a challenge to grow in creativity.

Solar Troubles and Interesting Pizzas

The weather is mostly sunny, but we have some catching up to do in the recharging and printing departments.  As a result, we used the battery-powered thin pizzaslanterns before 7 AM to conserve energy.  So this afternoon when my computer’s battery died, I dared not plug it in, but so far so good.

Tonight was a great night to give Sharon her anniversary gift: a night out with the girls at Rose du Sable, the best restaurant of its kind in Abéché.  She wanted what we always order: two plates of French fries, and a few pizzas. These pizzas are different from pizzas in the US; in some ways they are a little better, in other ways they are certainly not as good.  The crusts are too thin and the amount of toppings are less than liberal. The cheeses, however, are French, thus more flavorful.  Yet, sadly, it seems that the pizzas here are shrinking in size and increasing in price.

Next time we have a craving for pizza and cheese from the French military base in town, we’ll have to dust off our pizza dough recipe from the Brochus, our dear friends in Québec, and make some ourselves.  In the middle of the Sahara Desert, what other choice do we have?

Have you ever been in a situation where you needed to be extremely creative? Let us know about it in the comments below!

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