Wanted: More Lone Rangers

The Most Misunderstood Hero of the Wild West

We need to be Lone Rangers in the Kingdom of God.  Throughout my life, I’ve heard preachers say the opposite, but it’s simply not true.  God is looking for Lone Rangers who will bravely go where others arelone rangers and silver too afraid to make an eternal difference.

Did you ever listen to the original Lone Ranger radio programs or watch the original TV series?  I highly recommend it, no matter how old you are.

While I work in the office on mindless but important projects, I intersperse podcasts of sermons and entrepreneurial wisdom with old-time radio programs, like The Lone Ranger, Superman, Challenge of the Yukon and Gunsmoke.

These stories from the Golden Age of Radio not only bring a little fun to my life; they also teach me how to tell inspiring stories to children and adults.  This is a skill that I need to develop if I wish to mobilize others to join me in the Harvest Field in Christ’s Service.

The Lone Ranger never worked alone

However, the Lone Ranger never worked alone; he had his Tonto.  Tonto was his Native American partner whose tracking, surveillance and foreign language skills complemented his.  Tonto had saved his life, and from that time on, they were inseparable.WordPress.com the lone rangers

The Lone Ranger wasn’t more important than Tonto, and Tonto wasn’t more important than the Lone Ranger.  They both worked together, and depended on each other.

And these two heroes always organized the community to overcome the obstacle at hand.  Sometimes the community misunderstood them, and fought against them as they tried to catch a criminal, or save the water hole, or avoid a war with the Indians.

They never accomplished the task alone… and never took credit for the victory.  At the very moment the town realizes what a great service the Lone Ranger and Tonto have rendered them, they rush off to their next assignment before the townspeople have a chance to thank them.

Let’s be Lone Rangers for Christ:

  • Let’s find our Tonto, our friend who understands the land where we serve better than we do.
  • Let us get people organized to accomplish what needs to be done to accomplish His Kingdom
  • Let’s never take the credit for what God accomplishes through us.  It belongs to our partners on the ground, and to Christ who inspired us, led us and empowered us to make an eternal difference.

What was your favorite radio or TV program as a kid? Please let us know!

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