Luggage, food, and lasting impressions of Dakar

This post was written while we were in Chad.

We watched the sun rise this morning from the porch, for our last time, until next time we are in Senegal. A last day puts a priority on getting some last-minute things done, and for us, it meant my going to the marketplace. faris041 luggageWe were invited over for supper at the home of a Canadian couple serving here in Dakar.

As Will and I watched the chicken marinated in St. Hubert sauce roast on the gas barbecue, he showed me their micro garden of squash growing on little tables with peanut shells 5 inches deep. It was incredible how much they were invading the planters they were in! We’ll have to try this in Chad.

After a delicious supper, Sharon and I asked about a good place to shop for some of our needs. And so, today, they graciously let me go with Moussa who works in their office, to find a phone for Sharon and some extra luggage. I have bought three phones for Sharon since we have been in Chad, and none of them work.

Last Day in Senegal

Someone is selling a phone out there with “Nokia” written on it, but it’s only a Chinese imitation. I bought the genuine article from one of Moussa’s friends, and it looks like it works really well! First, we needed extra luggage to replace our old luggage, whose zippers and sides are bursting. And second, to bring all the treasures (mostly kitchen supplies) we were able to find in Dakar!

ice cream luggageSeems like the small disadvantage of the day was that I spent a LOT of time in bottlenecked traffic going back to the hotel, and the exhaust fumes started getting to me! After over an hour of that, my head was hurting, and I felt sick to my stomach. I tried to lie down to shake it off, but it wasn’t easy. Eventually, we were feeling good enough to go buy tickets and go on the rides at Magic Land. Deborah rode on the train, Sarah and I liked the bumper cars, and Susan really liked the twirling swings! Of course, our last ride was the Ferris Wheel, our family tradition, and the view was amazing!

For our last night, the Tarrs took us all out to supper at Caesar’s Chicken, then on to N’Ice Cream. We will often remember this city with many warm, fond memories.

Let us know in the comments below about some of your favorite places to visit!

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