Extra rain and tools to read with

This post was written while we were still in Chad.

We received a lot of rain yesterday, to the point where the roads became flooded! What a wonderful blessing during such a hot time of year! That is absolutely unheard of in this part of the Sahara Desert, at this time of year. The rainy season lasts for only a couple of months, at most; the rest of the year is dry and very hot. There seems to have been an overall increase in rainfall since I started working here in 2003. Is it possible that desertification is cyclical and will start reversing itself? As a result, this dry, desert land would experience a season of prosperity and more crops than in earlier years.

Providing Tools to Read With

This week, I have put on my jalabiya, getting my shoes shined and going to a few NGO offices to show the books to read withpeople there the Z picture booklets designed to teach people how to read. Everyone seems very interested in them! Our heart is to do more than just make a pretty book or become famous authors; these have the potential to teach children and adults how to write and read their own language using Arabic characters. My heart’s desire is to get them out to as many people as I can, to whomever may need them most,.

Ashta, our amazing house-help, was able to find the large cans of US-AID corn oil in the market! That was a great blessing to us; we were almost out of oil, and all we could find these days in the market place is palm and peanut oil – one is bad for us and the other is bad because of allergies in the family. It is amazing how the Lord can bless us in so many seemingly small ways.

How has the Lord blessed you? Please let us know in the comments below!

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