Electricity challenges to share with our guests

This post was written while we were in Chad.

We feel pleased to open our home to a family of four who is coming to serve here. They planned to stay for a few days, but their alternate housing opportunity fell through, so they stay with us. We prepared the guest room and bathroom (complete with the rare sit-down toilet) for the day they arrived. They needed somewhere to store their things, and we just happen to have empty rooms for them to do so.

With their arrival, rainy season seems to have begun. The winds blew violently for a week or two, then sunny days gave way to cloudy ones. It’s still hot in the afternoons, but the evenings are as cool as air conditioning some nights.

Electricity Dips

low electricityWe have experienced a lessened amount of solar electricity. This means that we can charge our computers and run a refrigerator to cool things down a bit in there, but hardly anything else. For now, we cannot run fans at all. We cannot print out any documents; I am unable to have a much-needed haircut. We have lights in the kitchen for suppertime, from thirty minutes to a few hours depending on whether there was sunlight or clouds during the day.

The lack of energy is difficult, but is only temporary. We are hoping for some promised money to help increase the number of solar panels on the roof. The wires for town electricity have been laid out over our wall; all that is missing is the promised electric meter.

As we wait for our change, we are learning once again to be thankful for what we DO have: good friends, a beautiful home, Twila (our Speed The Light vehicle) and of course, each other. We have learned to use what we have sparingly so that less of it is wasted. And hopefully, when God provides abundance of energy, we will never forget to be thankful to Him for His provision. For now, all that we need, He has provided.

What is the worst power outage you have ever had? Let us know below!

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0 thoughts on “Electricity challenges to share with our guests

  1. David, I renjoy reading your blog. especially the one with the chicken who laid an egg on your desk ! Hey, I have the same problem with power during rainy season. Got a small good generator — perfect for the series of overcast days. Made a HUGE difference being able to have power on overcast days or even during the evening in urgenecy. More panels won’t help that much if there’s NO sun. Blessings !!
    — Cindy Trotter