Withdrawal of resources, unlimited grace

This post was written while we were in Chad.

We are struggling lately with the basics here at the orphanage. I go to the bank a few times on the weekend for a withdrawal our monthly rent from the ATM. However the dispenser is either down or turned off. We have to wait on this issue before we make a withdrawal of money for our regular living expenses. Now we are starting to draw from our savings. It is the beginning of the month, so the typical rush on the bank is happening now.

Still No Withdrawal, Lack of Power

Water barrel withdrawalAfter we turned off the generator at 9 PM on Saturday, we haven’t turned it on all morning; if we didn’t install the solar equipment, we would be stuck! Probably wait until this evening after 6 PM. And the water tank in the roof of the house finally ran out last night. After Ashta did the laundry, we tried to fill the barrel, but without success. We are thankful that the container of filtered water beside the kitchen sink is full with about 60 liters, as is the 120 liter barrel of water in the bathroom. However, we need to wait to do our laundry again until we resolve the water situation.

When the other Christian workers with whom we meet are not around, we have no better choice than to worship the Lord at home here as a family, complete with worship service, prayer, Sunday School lesson and a sermon from one of the sermon tapes from our churches or friends. So we listened to a sermon tape of Pastor Ron Morris of Glad Tidings Church. The girls colored a picture that we then taped around the small Nido milk can that served as the base of our Christmas tree this year. Then, while I did the dishes, Sharon and the girls decorated the tree.

Have you ever had to go without something important? Let us know in the comments below!

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