From life at home to life overseas: your adventure awaits

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This post was written while we were in Chad.

You are a Christian with a vibrant relationship with Christ. You spend regular time studying His Word and with His people in an awesome church.  At the same time, you feel like God is calling you to live “somewhere else”. You’d love to serve Christ overseas… but the idea raising support scares you to death.

However, the traditional way to get overseas isn’t the only way to fulfill the Great Commission. Thanks to the internet, there are many new ways to find or create a job and earn your living. You can go anywhere Christ leads you, using the skills you have acquired, or gaining new ones while overseas.

Getting to that Special Place Overseas

You wouldn’t have to earn as much to live there, for as a general rule,  In places where you are most needed, you can rent a spacious place to live for the same amount you would pay to rent a few rooms in your parent’s basement. An education overseas (Biblical or professional) costs a fraction of what it would cost in your hometown

You have no idea where to start acquiring the skills necessary to live in the place of your calling. You’ve come across survival websites as you try to figure it out, but they’re just too weird. And on the typical travel website, you it seems like they teach you how to spend more money instead of how to save it.

I’ve lived nineteen years of my life in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. And I’m preparing a website for dreamers with a vision for the nations. We offer practical skills to those who bring His Word to the people who need it most.

God is Preparing Hearts Across the World

“The Harvest is Great, the laborers are few.”heart around the world

We see what’s coming. God is ready to send revival, and we feel excited.

When God sends revival, He empowers us to be His witnesses. Wherever He does, His Holy Spirit calls His people to go overseas and bring His Word everywhere. And the places He sends His people is usually in places where there hasn’t been an adequate opportunity to hear His Message.

And when God calls us to go, it doesn’t mean that we have to join a mission agency to get there. If you can go through a large mission agency, I would recommend going that route. In doing so, you’ll experience excellent support throughout the process of raising support, arriving overseas and adjusting to the culture.

But this website is for those who don’t fit the traditional missionary mould.

I meet many people who sense that Jesus is calling them to go overseas to minister to a certain group of people. But some aspect of going the traditional way doesn’t fit with who they are. Perhaps the idea of raising support makes them nervous. Or they are called to do something that is not what typical missionaries do, such as work in several countries, or work with churches of many denominations, or teach villagers how to make cheese, raise bees or set up solar panels effectively.

Find Your Outlet to Ministry

outlet placeIn the work of God, there are a thousand ways available to Him to get you where you need to go. We would like to walk along with you in this journey. We want to believe God with you and help you overcome the obstacles. So that you can finally be in the place where your heart is.

If you want to minister to the homeless in America, imagine being capable of living on the streets overnight like those you are ministering to. Try contemplating the difficulty of communicating with your friends back in your home country as you sleep under a desert village sky, in a place overseas where the Name of Jesus may be heard once or twice a year.

So if you’re struggling to get to the place overseas where God has called you to go, please contact us. We’d like to hear more of your story, and give you advice and encouragement to keep pressing on.

Are you facing challenges getting to your destination? Please tell us what you are facing in the comments below (or, more personally, via our contact page)

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