My first birthday… Iriba

This post was written while we were in Chad.

I spent my birthday like I always do on Fridays; it seemed like a good way to mark the occasion. Only this time, I had P1000859to go over to the place where I go online to send some important e-mails; whenever I need to send attachments larger than 100kb, I have to go to the place with the wi-fi and log on to my e-mail accounts using web mail. Tigo internet in Iriba is too slow, and fails too often when messages get bigger than that.

I went there, and discovered that, even before the sun had risen in Eastport, Maine, I had over forty messages from old and new friends everywhere via Facebook, wishing me a happy birthday! The technology that makes this possible can seem so trite and impersonal at times to those who are used to it, but I must say that it really made my day to see all the birthday wishes, and to think of each person who sent them.

Birthday Celebration

Sharon and the girls made a special supper for me: pizza (the last of our pepperoni from the US!) and salad! Then we had gift giving: I was given a cipher from 1 Corinthians 13, which led to a place where the clues for each present si was stored. Each clue was a Bible verse, and I would use the key word in the verse to find the present. See what a clever family God has blessed me with?

After finding all the presents, there was STRAWBERRY CHEESECAKE for dessert! (thanks to a box in a care package from the USA). Then we watched a video as a family, where Deborah fell asleep in Sharon’s arms before it was all over.

As I write this, I don’t have a coat on, or even a sweater. The weather is beginning to warm up a bit during the day, even if it’s still cooler. So we open the windows late each morning to let the heat soak into the rooms and the walls… then we close the windows at sunset to retain it.

P1000897Susan is enjoying the daily “Easter egg hunts”! She found eggs in the coop, the haystack, behind a mat on the front porch, and many more places. Sometimes her sisters join her.

One day last week, Deborah came up to me with her purse in hand. She pulled out an Sudanese Dinar and asked me to buy her some jewelry like her sisters had “so she could be a princess just like them, next time I was at the market.” She was so serious about it… and cute!

Do you have any special birthday traditions? Tell us below!

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