Chicken tonight, strata tomorrow!!!

This post was written while we were in Chad.

At the meat market today, they were selling camel meat! The camel meat and chickenwomen reiterated the story I have heard so often, about camel meat being very healthy for you. Since camels graze on medicinal plants all day, Chadians believe that the properties of the plants transfer into the meat. I have had some before; it’s one of my favorite foods in Chad.

On Thursday night, I went and picked up the chicken at the chicken restaurant. It wasn’t ready when I arrived, so I sat on the bench in the corner. I discovered what happens to the cow’s head I often see sitting on a plastic sheet at the meat market. The daughter of the restaurant owner had the head on top of a fire, eyes looking to the dusty sky. She scraped the head with a knife, while she let the flame slowly cook the whole thing.

At last, the owner came out of the tent which served as the kitchen with our food. The cook fries each quarter of chicken in hot oil. It took two Nigerian bags to get it home, there was so much food!

When we got it home, we were disgusted to discover that the french fries and salad had been put in the same container with canned peas. The canned peas in Chad are really bad; we all have a very hard time eating them, and never serve them at our own table. But, with a little quick thinking, we got most of the fries out of the container, and later separated out the peas. But the fries and chicken were absolutely delicious!

Misbehaving Chicken and a Change in Technology

chicken coopFor some strange reason, Prissy the chicken sits all day in the pen with her egg, except to come out for food and water. Do chickens get possessive of their eggs like this?

On Friday, we had a huge breakthrough in our work. Ever since we moved over to an Eee PC in May 2010, we haven’t been able to use Toolbox to work with our dictionary. Our work-around for this situation left us with some limitations, such as being able to sort and filter the dictionary entries. However, with help from some friends at SIL who take care of such things, Toolbox is working on our computer! Now I will figure out how much of the dictionary the Sultan checked, and how much remaining work I need to do.

This morning, we did our last load of laundry in Iriba as a family. Next week, with God’s help, the family will be in Abéché. Despite the fact that Sharon added a lot of extra clothes, this load turned out to be only half of what it usually is. We are trying to figure out where the girls hid their clothes, or was it the warmer weather despite the persistent strong winds?

The girls have been gingerly saving one or two pieces of bread left over from lunch each day. This effort resulted in enough bread for us to use Strata for supper soon! They were thrilled!

What are some of your favorite foods? Tell us in the comments below!

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