Bothersome interruption

This post was written while we were in Chad.

I have been fixing Sarah’s desk from Guéréda, and it is coming along well. The wood glue that Steve Banks swift rivers puzzle no interruptionrecommended is really working well! Now that I’ve finished the 500 piece puzzle of Swift River, this has become my latest puzzle to try to assemble! The result will also serve as a model to show to our carpenter friend in town for the other desks for the girls.

Our first interruption began earlier in the day. While we were having church, I looked out the one-way window in the living room, and saw two boys about 9 years old, wandering through the yard, looking around. So I quietly went out the front door, and started chasing them. They were terrified! they ran into two directions, so I kept pursuing one of them. Up to the road, he ran and hid behind a young man who pleaded with me on his behalf. Of course, as a Christian, I couldn’t severely punish that boy. I just wanted him to never jump over the wall again. I think I got my message across.

Overcoming Interruption green wasp fly thingAnother interruption: ten girls from the Qur’anic school stopped by and climbed over the wall to greet the girls during service. I had to apologize, and say that our Sunday is like their Friday and that the girls were praying. I gave them water and invited them to come back tomorrow. All this happened as we were having church, and listening to a very engaging message on cassette by Fred Schmidt.

The fly population has really increased to the point where they are very irritating! In my office, they just surround me… and I think I have bathed pretty regularly these days! They are on my fingers as I type, on the computer screen in front of the cursor, and sometimes diving for my nose or eyes.

At night it is the moths, and in the day, it is the flies, wasps and the shiny green flies. You gotta watch those green ones; one of them stung Sarah, and it really hurt! So Sharon and I have gone to bed and crawling under our mosquito nets earlier at night. Our only fly swatter broke, but I was glad to fix it by stapling it together.

On the other hand, the solar electric system is working great! I don’t know what it is; perhaps the cool 90°F weather makes it so that the fridge does not have to work so hard… all I know is that the water in the fridge is painfully cold, and that I was able to print out some much-needed documents using only the solar electric system, when the sun was at its peak!

What are some of your pet peeves? Let us know below!

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