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This post was written while we were in Chad.

Yes, I am back in Abéché! I arrived around 11 PM on Monday, but did not get a chance to go to bed until 1 AM. My guard friend was fast asleep, and would not be woken up for anything. It took praying, yelling, knocking, calling, and throwing mud balls at the tin roof to get his attention. Then, when we finally got the four beds for the guest house off the rooftop, I realized that I had not set aside the key to the house… so I had to find it. I pulled out every single box and waded through most of them twice before I finally found the key. And I needed a shower, because I was so dirty.

God was with me during this trip. I left at 8:15 AM because I had some cleaning and trash burning to do before I left. The back was full of blessings from the close friends and with donations for the guest house kitchen.

Heading Back to the House

The front wheels are misaligned, as we have a slight shaking of the vehicle at speeds above 50 mph, and tire at homestart having flat tires up front. When driving in the “woods”, alignment doesn’t matter much, but I pay attention a bit more on the highway. I had a flat tire beyond the refinery on one of the new tires up front. Pow!, and the vehicle was pulling to the left. A piece of tire in the middle, like a long tail, was hanging in the middle, and a hole as big as a golf ball just before it. I did not think I had hit a sharp rock or something, so this was very strange. I pulled into the next village and had the tire repair guy pull off the tire and the inner tube so that I could bring the rim to Abéché in the back.

Further on, I was about to make a turn, and a gray pickup truck heading towards me lost control slightly from the speed with which he was making the turn. He was either going to start snaking all over the road or was going to fall off the edge into the huge ditches on each side. But neither of these things happened, and we passed each other safely, by God’s grace.

Over the River and to the House…

Last year, people waited at the Bangbang River for the waters to let them cross. This wadi/river is just before Mongo; people sometimes had to wait days before they could try to make it to the other side. But this year, the Chinese company CGCOC finally finished building the bridge across it, and opened it up just in time for the rainy season! There was no crowd there, just a few children playing in the wadi below to keep cool. We hardly notice a new bridge, unless you remember what it was like without it. And we really appreciate their hard work and quality result.

New house with roomI found the house in great condition! Someone had weeded the yard, and the fridge had frozen bottles inside, despite my turning the fridge down before we left! So perhaps having the fridge down low but running most of the time is better than having it up high but running much less. And as I searched for the key and took my shower, the lights stayed on for the solar electric system. And last night, I had the fan on until it went off at midnight. The house is a little dusty, but surprisingly low despite my being away for a month. The chickens laid some eggs, about 12 of them over the past month. I had some of them for supper last night as an omelet.

Do you have any interesting construction going on in your area? Let us know in the comments below!

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