The surprise on my desk

This post was written while we were in Chad.

I had to go out this morning to run some errands. Deborah sat in the library, so I left the door open, and it must have been open for the rest of the morning.

One of the errands involved our battery charger. It had stopped working; how were we going to recharge all these batteries? I finally decided the cord that was broken should be opened up to see what was the matter. When I did, I realized that two wires soldered back onto the contact would fix the thing. So I brought it to a guy with a soldering iron who knows what he is doing. He easily fixed it… And graciously charged me nothing. And now it works great!

The Discovery on the Desk

Egg laid on deskWhen I got back, I noticed that some papers in the office/library had been rustled onto the floor here and there, and someone had thrown the rubber bands out of the box and onto the desk… And then I saw the footprint of a chicken on the closed cover of my laptop, and I also noticed an egg on my desk.

I went inside and asked each of the girls if they had put it on my desk as a joke. When all of them denied doing it, I concluded that the culprit had to be Ginger, the chicken in the front yard. While I am thankful for the gift, I will definitely be locking the door behind me next time.

Just now, three cars drove up the road and parked at our neighbors’ house, music blazing and what sounded like gunshots. Apparently, it is a wedding procession. The groom came to take the bride and his guests away to his home to the claps and cheers (you-yous). They only stayed 30 minutes, and then they kept going.

Do you have any fun chicken stories? Tell us in the comments below!

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