One step closer to a solar fridge

This post was written while we were in Chad.

Today, the holiday was solidly lingering in town, so things were harder to get. We needed ice for the cooler we used as a fridge in the morning; we keep the green cooler above the ground, so the melting ice is leaked into a bowl for reuse.

the cooler we use for a fridgeI went on to the meat market. There was one man selling goat meat, and another selling beef, but for a very high price even though the quality was questionable. So I decided against it.

I headed back to the house, then stopped by the ATM to get money for diesel for Twila. A soldier, dressed in desert fatigues and dark mirrored sunglasses, his feet on his submachine gun on a stand, guarded the bank, which was open. Then I took another rickshaw to the house, jumped into Twila, and got diesel at the OilLibya station. I picked up bread at the “Boulangerie la Rotative”, and stopped by at the meat restaurant of my friend Ali. But he wasn’t there; he had put his chairs away, and his metal grill was still smoking.

The New Fridge

We got the refrigerator in the kitchen today, even though we had to break the lock to the back door! It was a stubborn lock, requiring an electric drill, hammers and screwdrivers to finally give in to our demands.the fridge is in the house

I remembered the fridge weighed a lot more than that, but with four of us carrying it, it went quickly. There was time for adjustments: putting the batteries under the table, getting three and a half years of dust off the top and sides of the fridge, and preparing the wires for the day when we will have a charge controller to hook them up to! Debbie is showing you our new refrigerator; the small one next is what we are using in the meantime. It doesn’t work so well because of the heat in the house and the lack of electricity.

How do you deal with the heat of summer? Let us know in the comments below!

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