The next revolution in the Great Commission of Christ

From anywhere, to anywhere, without having to raise support

The way we have traditionally fulfilled the Final Commission of Christ is broken. And we need to be fix it. We lose too many of those who are called to make an eternal difference in the world, due to an unbiblical barrier of raising support and depending on a missions agency to do what is meant to be done by the church.

And those who serve because they were good at raising support, aren’t always the best laborers in the harvest field. Some of them tend to waste money and to not blend in well to their host culture.

We need to take advantage of the new economy to send out our brightest and best in new ways.

In the past, our best laborers have been the Bruchkos, the Gladys Aylwards, the Hudson Taylors.  These laborers refused to blend in, and asked the difficult questions.

The three revolutions in the Great Commission

In John Carey’s day, missions expanded beside the colonial powers in a symbiotic relationship. But we became too paternalistic, and something had to change.

Then, as the colonial powers lost their conquests to national independence, the Great Commission work became outsourced, to this day, to the lowest bidder. Sometimes, the prThe Biblical Commissionoject went to the parachurch missions agency. At other times, it went to the national church.

Sometimes this agreement worked, as in eastern Africa. But at other times, unprepared young leaders received too much money and authority too soon, and it didn’t work. Again, something has to change.

In the new economy, you no longer need to find a company to work for to make a living. It doesn’t matter if you were born to wealthy, well-connected parents or not.

In this new world, if you’re a skilled tentmaker like Paul, you can make your “tents” anywhere God wants you to be. You can then sell them on your website.  You can ship them to almost anywhere on the planet.

It doesn’t matter where you came from, or where you are going.  We need harvest laborers, like you, who will courageously follow their Heavenly calling to where He leads. If God calls you to do something, we want to encourage you in your pursuit of Him.

Please share your vision with us, either publicly in the comments below, or privately on our contact form.

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