Birthday clues and big rivers of greenish-brown water

This post was written while we were in Chad.

To get to church this morning, I took two taxis, one minivan, and waded knee-deep in greenish brown water in five places off and on for one hour. I didn’t actually have to go through all those streams and ponds, but I became lost a few times. Sometimes the water was slimy under me, other times it was sandy and solid.

clue in floodI saw little red dots visible to the naked eye swimming around in there, thousands of them per square foot on the surface, not to mention the millions that must have swum below the surface! A few times, I saw things floating around in the water my legs were in that you only see in toilets. Although black bags are illegal in Chad, my leg became stuck to one such bag for a few paces. I was thankful to a few strangers who lent a hand by showing me the way toward my destination.

IBRA radio has a training session going on now on production; after one week of classes, they are halfway through it. It was great to meet them at church this morning. Pastor’s wife prepared a delicious macaroni with chicken sauce for lunch; after enjoying that, I was on my way back home to celebrate Deborah’s birthday.

Birthday Clues, Food and Movies

On my way to church, the target was a specific building I had to find with the new aquatic obstacles placed in my way. On my way back home, the target for my return to the main road was much broader; as long as I arrived somewhere along the road, I could catch my first minivan home. That allowed me to pass through only one stream of water to get home.

Our girls were SO looking forward to going to Amandine after I got home from church for an ice cream cone! But as the minivan passed by, I noticed that they weren’t open. So we had to get clever, and went over to Sidi Mao to each pick a cold soda and get some hot dogs in a can for Deborah’s birthday meal of choice: Ramen noodles with hot dogs and corn in it.

After nap time, each girl searched for clues to where we had hidden their presents. Susan had eight Happy Birthday, Deborah!rhyming clues, and Deborah had three clues with pictures of where she needed to look. Susan really liked her mp3 player, which I loaded with her Italian lessons, WeeSing America, some C.S. Lewis, Psalms, Proverbs, Luke, John and Acts.

After supper, we each had a piece of Sharon’s delicious apple sauce cake; then I made prawn crackers for the girls to eat while we watched Deborah’s choice of a video. She chose VeggieTale’s Big River Rescue, which she watched in the US while her sisters were doing their schoolwork.

Do you have any favorite birthday traditions? We’d love to hear from you. Please leave your comments below.

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