Kite Flying and Holy Spirit Revival

Searching for a Breeze: August 27, 2014

Our family went to Sand Beach this past weekend, for one last outing before the school year begins.  It used to be our family tradition to go to the coast each year at least a few times, but our summer was so busy that we hadn’t been yet.

When we go to Sand Beach, my girls love to venture out into the freezing cold ocean with the bobbing waves (crazy kids!)

and I love to fly a kite.

I have a kite shaped like a blue Navy jet.  It has a long tail of streamers which looks like the flames coming out of the jet engines as they shake in the breeze.

One of the sticks that holds the kite in its jet-like shape was missing, so I used a long seagull feather in its place.

Kite in hand, waiting for a breeze

Sand Beach, Acadia NP, where I love to fly my kite in the summer [© 2001 - 2015 Greg A. Hartford] breezeI didn’t do a lot of kite flying at the beach that Saturday.  There was little to no breeze, so I spent most of my time wandering around the shore, trying to feel where the wind might be at its strongest.

I found that the wind blew the most near the lifeguard’s seat, so I hung around there a long time, kite in hand, feeling for some breeze and trying to get the kite to fly into the air.

Oblivious to those around me, my senses were focused on finding a breeze as I watched the treetops for some movement, or felt the air lightly touch my neck.

my foldable camp chairIt was late afternoon, just before we had to leave.  I talking with my father-in-law as I sat in my green fold-up chair.  At last, I heard a rustling in the trees.

As soon as I could politely excuse myself, I ran with my kite toward the place where I knew the breeze would be strongest.  Just in time, and for only a few minutes, my kite was flying in the sky!  My daughter got to hold it for a short while, and was thrilled to be flying daddy’s kite.

This moment was possible because I spent time getting to know the beach and what was going on around me while the breeze was calm.

Still waiting

church parking lot: still waiting for a breezeI thought about this as I sat in the parking lot of a church the next afternoon.  The sign said that Sunday evening worship began at 5 PM, so I set up that same green fold-up chair and read, prayed and waited.

At 4:30 PM, the parking lot was the same as it had been for the past two hours.  Then came 4:45, and 5:00 PM.  Still no one, not a car, not a person.

So I picked up trash in the parking lot and prayed for this church.  Then I packed up my fold-up chair started on to the next church to see if they had a Sunday night service.

Again, I felt like I was looking for a breeze so that my kite could soar.

Where are the Sunday Night Services?

Apparently while I was in Africa, Sunday night services fell out of fashion, at least in this part of the United States.

I do not blame the pastors, or even the people, really.  It just seems like there isn’t a hunger for time spent in His presence like there used to be.

Such things cannot be forced or evoked by pouring on the condemnation.

So what can be done?

Having lived in a town in Africa for the past four years where we had no church we could go to on Sunday, my hunger for time in His Presence is more acute lately.  I just can’t help it.  It doesn’t make me better than anyone else, just as a hungry person is no better than someone who has just eaten a delicious meal.

I know what Revival feels like

As a teenager, God used those times our family spent in the Sunday night services to call me to serve in Chad.  The lights were dimmed, and the church was filled with children, senior citizens, parents and teens.  Arms on shoulders, kneeling or walking back and forth… we were praying for each other, and dedicating ourselves to God late into the evening.

I pitied the poor piano players who would play and play until it was time to go home.

It wasn’t a chore to be there.  All of us just enjoyed being in His Presence.

I didn’t realize it at the time, but now I know that I was feeling the strong winds of revival.

And so, I’m traveling around Maine and New England, searching for a breeze.

And once I find it, I will never take it for granted again…

Where is God moving by His Holy Spirit?  Please let us know by contacting us.

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3 thoughts on “Kite Flying and Holy Spirit Revival

  1. God we are asking that you increase our hunger. May we be increasingly unsatisfied with the things of the world and the regular church routine. Let Your wind blow in this area and in my heart again.

  2. I feel that same way. And here in Myrtle beach I cannot find a church like we used to have. Pastors are centered on their families first, then church but o eenig services, beause its the beach they say. We have The promise God knows where we are so we can pray in ourselves,but I find it dry like a Desert. My pastor says many people get offendedif ssomone they don’t know pays for them so now we cant pray or anyone at the altar without taking a course he gives andwearing an assigned tag. Call me old fashioned but I was hurt.

    • Great to hear from you, dear friend!
      So, I guess it’s not just in New England! Surely there are places in America where people are seeking God with all their hearts.
      God wants to give us a hunger for the Word of God that does not require going through hard times as a nation, but if that’s what it takes… may He help us to stand with Him, no matter what.