A Car Journey to Remember

This event occurred while our family was in Chad.

I needed to get down to Guéréda today to get the last of the furniture from our dear Australian sister there; she leaves the country in two more days, and doesn’t have much more time before she departs. Sarah became all excited about the possibility to go with her Dad, and we were planning on it all week.

Then I fell very ill on Friday morning, and it stayed with me until the evening: I got sick, my stomach was giving me problems (I will spare you the details), and I had terrible headaches. I even  became too sick to help the girls with the laundry, and am amazed at how long I slept. On Sunday, everything finally settled as it should, and I could imagine finally being able to make the trip. For some reason, I was unable to sleep most of that night.

Sarah reads for car(Sarah helped me with some of the story from this point). Sarah and I left at 7:15 for Tulum and spent 15 minutes on the road. But we hadn’t gone far before we reached some ground with a cracked layer of clay on it. Sarah told me not to drive on it, but I didn’t listen. We went forward on the sand and hit a layer of clay below. As a result, we became stuck for 3 hours. Many people tried many things, but we weren’t making progress. Finally, about twenty-six men came and literally lifted the car out of the clay. After that, the trip went amazingly fast, and we made it to Guéréda safely at 1 PM.

When we got to Guereda, Margit had supper waiting for us. We ate some beef stew and salad. Then she brought out a cake, and sang happy birthday to me! The wind kept blowing the birthday candle out, so dad and Omar held their hands over the flame to keep it from going out.

Returning Home with in the Car

Muddy Road in car with SarahAfter we had eaten in Guéréda and had picked up the furniture, we headed for home. Sadly, one box of books fell out of the car as we were driving, as the furniture we were carrying forced us to drive with the doors open but tied together. I guess I should be thankful that more did not fall out. We became lost on our way out of Am-Nabak. The GPS batteries failed on us, and there are two roads as you leave town.

Unfortunately, we took the one that led to Tiné. After we had become lost so many times on this road, however, I picked up on the fact that things weren’t right. As a result, we were able to turn around sooner and get back on to the rTraveling in car with Sarahoad faster. But then we reached Tulum again. We drove around looking for the road, but we couldn’t find one. Finally, we reached a narrow alley; I thought I would try to cut through the town to find the road to Iriba. Sarah worried about going through there, and had every right to be. The truck scraped against the solid clay walls. The car stayed stuck for 15 to 30 minutes, but we soon got back on the road. We reached home at 9:30 PM this evening.

Initially after Sarah got back, she talked about the trip, and about having time to talk to dad and listen to Jonathan Park all through the day. But the next day, she realized how it wasn’t as much fun as she had thought… or maybe she just forgot…

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