Help when I needed it most

This post was written while we were in Chad.

Yesterday I withdrew some money from the ATM at Novotel, to help fill up at Tchad Hydrocarbures with diesel. Two full tanks of diesel cost $100, or $4/gallon; there’s something I won’t do every day! After the attendant filled the tank up, I had them wash the car. For $6.00 they hand wash it; my people own the station. The new Land Cruiser became stuck in the mud twice in two days; do you think God might be trying to tell me something? I think I’m finally getting the message!

The vehicle became stuck in the mud on one side, so someone needed tHelp from a gas stationo tow it out. I sat there, feeling like a fool. Then God sent help; someone named Ahmed brought the truck by with a steel rope, and towed me out! He stopped me before I paid him and said, “I am Ahmed; I saw that you became stuck the other day, so I came to help you out!” That was the reason he gave me for not having to pay him for it! It was at that moment that I moved from feeling foolish to feeling special that God sent a friend to help in the nick of time!

Help from the Sultan

I got out of the mud, and decided to try to meet the Sultan’s brother. His office was up on the third floor, and he was there! As an imam quietly recited the Qur’an in his office, we started to get to know each other. He was very kind. The sultan had left town at the end of last week, so we barely missed going out to the village with him. He asked me to stay in his second home in Abéché while we try to find something else. I wanted to say yes right there, but wisdom led me to check with Sharon first. She became excited at this very encouraging offer!

Today, I pursued possibly republishing our dictionaries at a local print shop. I felt that they would be perfect gifts as we make contacts to return to work among our desert people. Printing the books out and submitting the order turned out to be so easy; this was a real blessing.

Do you have a testimony of God’s provision and assistance when you needed it most? Let us know about it by leaving a comment below.

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