I kept asking for rain (a story of answered prayer)

From my diary: May 10, 2012

Ask rain from Jehovah in the time of the latter rain. 

Jehovah shall make lightnings. 

And He gives them showers of rain,

grass to each man in the field.

– Zechariah 10:1 (LITV)

Prayer works!

God answers prayer!When God doesn’t answer our prayer immediately, how quickly we give up!  If we know that what we ask for is within His will, He expects us to keep asking until we get an answer.

And we shouldn’t just settle for a partial answer to prayer.  We must keep on asking until the answer has fully come your way.

One Sunday in May of 2012, I asked my friends to pray for rain, and started praying for it myself. The daily heat of the hot season had been with us for a while, and we needed some relief. There had been rainfall to the north of us in Guéréda (and in Iriba the day I had traveled there), and to the south of us in Moundou… So my faith that God could also send us rain was strong.

In Zechariah 10:1, the Lord encourages us to ask Him for rain in the Spring… and I took that literally.

Growing Signs the Rain is Coming

On Monday night, I saw a baby moth, less than half a centimeter long. The moths and other insects don’t come out until the rains are in earnest, so I took this as the smallest of signs that an answer was coming, just like the hand-sized cloud encouraged Elijah. And we kept praying…

Sometimes God answers our prayers for rain dramatically, and sometimes, He answers them gradually...

photo by Pam Donoghue

On Tuesday night, I walked to Boulangerie La Rotative for fresh bread around 4 PM. As I did, I passed two men, one with sand on his forehead.  The sand probably came as a result of a very strong wind and a little bit of rain.

It was another sign that God was answering my prayer.

Then it began to sprinkle, for about 2 minutes on me! I was so excited, and shared that moment with those two strangers.

But apparently that rain was just in our little part of town.  I was asking for showers that would allow the crops to grow in the towns all around us.  So I kept praying.

desert-landscape-1081829_1280Yesterday, the clouds got dark in the afternoon, and the wind started blowing strongly. And we got another sprinkling, which was much more spread out, as the road was wet downtown when I found myself there. And, last night, we had a little drizzle on the roof to fall asleep to!

This afternoon, it finally happened; we had our first serious rain in Abéché. The girls peeked their heads into my office; they were soaked!  They just love to run around in the rain.  For us, it’s all part of the celebration!

Thank You, Lord, for sending us rain… We asked, and You chose to say, “Yes”…

What are you praying about that needs a breakthrough?  Please let us know so we can pray with you, by contacting us.

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5 thoughts on “I kept asking for rain (a story of answered prayer)

  1. He lavishes his graces on us – and at our request! Amazing, Inspiring, Motivating to ask frequently for his good graces.

  2. Very inspirational. Thanks for the message may God continue to use you and your family in a great way!!! Also may God Bless you in your ministry.

  3. So exciting, David!! I know GOD answers prayer!!! He loves us so with a never-ending love. Blessings to you and your family!